The NBA Lockout sucks, and we all know that. But this could drastically change next year’s free agency, as it could create another superteam in the NBA.

And get this, there could in fact be THREE superteams — all in the Eastern Conference. Now try to get where I am going here.

If the lockout goes throughout the whole next season — which is a possibility — players could be on the move, like in this case, Dwight Howard. With the Nets moving to Brooklyn, they can definitely convince the Magic center to join their team.

Plus, they are young and are ready to strive. They also have, in my opinion, the best point guard in the league with Deron Williams. They need to keep Williams, so they need to go out for big-name guys in free agency. We don’t know if Howard is enough.

They could also go for a guy like Eric Gordon. Gordon has played well with the Clippers and is a solid shooter. But two could be enough. And with a young Damion James, who has potential, and draft-pick Marshon Brooks, this time could be ready to roll.

But if they do get Howard, what will they do with Brook Lopez? Kris Humphries will probably be on the move by then. Will they trade Lopez? In my opinion, I think they would keep him and put him at the power forward spot in the starting line-up. So what if he is taller than Howard? Dwight is obviously much stronger and way better of a rebounder than Lopez.

I remember in a loss to the Pacers, Lopez had 28 points, but only one lone rebound. Seriously? Just one rebound?! That’s pretty disappointing for a player with his size. However, New Jersey — my bad, BROOKLYN — could have a solid frontcourt with Lopez and Howard down there.

They’ll also have a pretty good backcourt with Williams, and if they can get Gordon.

So there’s that Superteam. I also think the New York Knicks will get Chris Paul, which means the end for Chauncey Billups. So that’s three Superteams: Miami Heat, Nets, and Knicks — all in one conference.

Imagine that.

Do you think this will happen? I think it can.

Maybe the Eastern Conference can finally rise over the Western.

We’ll see.


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