Ian Mahinmi thinks Kobe Bryant is more arrogant than Lebron James. So what?

Again, the media wants to blow things out of proportion. The media thinks a backup centre shouldn’t be calling out a “once-in-a-generation superstar.”

Calling out?

Mahinmi probably speaks the truth. Mahinmi didn’t say that Dirk Nowitzki is better than Kobe Bryant. He didn’t call anyone out. He voiced an opinion and is drawing attention to something that he feels is true. It may very well be.

That’s not the point though.

Ian Mahinmi is another example of a player run down for giving a sound bite that isn’t as bland as a microwave dinner. Athletes learn that saying nothing is always smarter than saying something. Athletes learn from guys like Mahinmi.

No one wants to be ripped to shreds by the media. On certain occasions, players can’t help themselves and they pay for it dearly. The media complains that athletes aren’t interesting enough. However, when an athlete gives them something that is remotely controversial they pounce on it.

It’s like a flock of vultures waiting for the dying animal. It has become instinctual for them to immediately prey on those who give us something to talk about around the water cooler. The media can’t help themselves either.

“Kobe is super arrogant but everybody loves him. To me, Kobe is more arrogant (than LeBron James).”

Kobe Bryant is super arrogant. The dislikeability factor of Lebron may skew our view but it is very possible that James is less arrogant than Kobe. It’s a close race.

This is probably a statement that Kobe Bryant wouldn’t necessarily dismiss. Bryant switched his number from 8 to 24 because 24 is one higher than 23. A 1st grader can put 2 and 2 together.

Ian Mahinmi sees what we all see but he’s getting ridiculed for it. This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have any respect for Kobe Bryant as a player. You don’t have to respect the person to respect the player.

Mahinmi’s stupidity alone might be grounds for criticism but it shouldn’t be. When we criticize these players we don’t let them voice their opinion. It means that we receive quote after quote from athletes who have gotten their degree from the Crash Davis School of interviewing.

Do any of us know the context of Mahinmi’s comments anyways? I have looked at multiple reports of the story and have found nothing that mention the context of Mahinimi’s comments.

In my poorly translated high school French, the question asked was whether Lebron James is arrogant. Mahinmi responded with a straightforward answer of how he felt and said that he prefers Michael Jordan’s style more. Then came the dreaded answer.

One sentence in a simple interview that will haunt Ian Mahinmi for the rest of his career. He’s coming off a world championship for heaven sakes. Give the guy a break.

Of course, that will never happen. The media will always victimize those who have a short lapse in concentration.

Sometimes people deserve it. Lebron James deserved it when he essentially said that all the people criticizing him would still have to go back to their terrible lives and he would still be living the good life. He took a shot at the general public that was uncalled for.

Maybe Kobe Bryant can tell the media that when Ian Mahinmi wakes up tomorrow morning he will still be a 3rd string center.

It’s hard to believe that Kobe Bryant doesn’t know he is arrogant. He knows he is the best player of his generation. He lets the world know it with the way he carries himself. He thrives off of his arrogance.

It might be a good idea for us to chill for a bit. Mahinmi didn’t accuse Kobe Bryant of using performance enhancing drugs or being a rapist.

Nothing happens if a sports writer speaks out about the supreme arrogance of Kobe Bryant. At least Ian Mahinmi is an NBA player. He has experience playing against Kobe Bryant. His team swept the Lakers a few months ago.

In a country that is proud of its constitution, freedom of speech for athletes is a joke. Athletes are free to say anything that isn’t controversial. They can’t say anything about anything without getting a hefty fine from their league.

The contradictory nature of the media is incredible. Be boring or be hated. It’s your choice.

The truth? The media can never handle the truth.

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