Welcome back to the “Greatest Ever” series as we continue with the rankings of the top players with the greatest offensive arsenals of all time.

Throughout the league’s history, there have been players who had variety of ways to score which of course have made them a fantastic and devastating forces on that side of the court. They could beat the defenders in so many ways, that sometimes they seemed to be unstoppable.
Who ranks at the top? Without further ado, here are the players with the best offensive arsenals to ever step on a basketball hardwood.

9.Adrian Dantley

Adrian Dantley possessed one of the game’s greatest offensive arsenals of all time. He was an amazing and explosive scorer, who had a quick first step, was excellent in the post, had nice mid range game and was great outside shooter. He beat teams like that for long time.
In his prime, he had four consecutive seasons in which he poured in more than 30 points in average and won the scoring crown twice in his career. He was one of the best ‘pure’ scorers of any time!
Additionally, he was also the most efficient perimeter scorer in the league’s history. He shot 54.0% from field, which is by far the highest for any non big men. That’s an amazing accomplishment!

8.Bernard King

A physically gifted forward who had variety of ways to beat his defender and had a lot of defensive attention on him (check the picture), Bernard King had one of the best offensive arsenals the league has ever seen.
King was capable to find the bottom of the net in so many ways. He was one of the greatest pure scorers of all time, who had an effective post up game with deadly turn around shot, was great mid range shooter, terrific finisher and run the brake to perfection.
Bernard was explosive as they came as he had lots of high scoring performance against dominant defenses. He even torched the Pistons in ’84 playoffs for more than 42 points in average.
Let’s not forget, he ranks as one of the most efficient scorers to ever step on a hardwood as he shot 51.8% from the field. He had seasons of 26 and 33 points on 56% and 53% percentages. That’s efficiency in there.

7.Larry Bird

arry Bird was never the athlete that most of the players on this list were. He wasn’t that physical as some. However, he still saw a large attention from the defense on him because he had one of the finest offensive arsenals of all time.
That’s right. Bird had a big variety of shots that he was capable to make, largely because he was arguably the best shooter to play the game. He made all sorts of jumpers, regardless was there a defender or not.
Additionally he was excellent in the post as well, and he was terrific from the pull up too. He shot 49.6% from the field for his career, a real proof of just how great threat he was out there. And he didn’t get to the rim like some players do.
He was great in moving and playing without the ball. Plus he was an intelligent person, who put himself in the best position. Here is an example of what he could do.

6.Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Kareem Abdul Jabbar is the first big man on the list. He was a strong offensive threat who had an arsenal of moves to score the basket, and it all starts with the best go to move and certainly toughest shot in basketball. The sky hook.
He mastered it to perfection, could find the bottom of the net from even the free throw line with it and was equally good in shooting it with his both arms. However, if you think that’s what he only possessed you’re so wrong.
Jabbar was capable to make turn around jumpers, fade away, finger roles like it’s nothing. Here is a video that proves that. He did that on impressive 56% from field. That’s even more impressive, considering Kareem was arguably the most double and triple teamed player ever.
Additionally, he was world class athlete himself who’s one of the physically most imposing players to step on a hardwood. However, his grace and skill overlook his athletic abilities. Don’t be fooled, he had physical advantages over many people!

5.Wilt Chamberlain

Even though he had the best stats of any time and dominated like few had, Wilt Chamberlain’s impact is still underrated, especially by generation of young fans like myself who overlook The Big Dipper.
The excuses go like “he played in a league of 6’6 centers”, or “he’d get owned by Ryan Hollins” are pathetic. I even saw one post claiming “what’s so skilled about dunking over 6’6 unathletic center”. That got on my nervous.
Chamberlain had variety of ways to score the basket. He had the finger role (yes, before Iceman), fade away bank shot, a reliable shot from the perimeter, few post moves and could physically overpower anyone for the easy two.
Considering he was arguably the most double and triple teamed player ever, who was getting Hack a Shaq and was played more tougher than anyone that stepped on a hardwood, his multiple scoring records like 50.2 points, 4 000 points in a season and so on, sound impressive.
Oh, yeah and he did that on 54.0 percentage from the field. He was just that capable. Here is a video that proves that. Enjoy.

4.Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan was a guy who could beat you in many ways, regardless of the situation he was. In the first part of his career, he didn’t have a reliable outside shot and mostly scored by driving to the rim. However, that all changed as soon as he entered his prime.
Jordan relied more on his ability to take his defenders on the perimeter by having one of the finest offensive arsenals of all time. He was capable to make dozens of shots, with a defender in his face.
He had the fade away shot as his go to move, was an excellent overall shooter (since the midway of his career), had nice footwork, was a terrific post up player and was really explosive. He was arguably the top scorer to step on a hardwood.
He enjoyed a large defensive attention from the entire league, that led to the creation of “Jordan Rules” which were made only to stop him! Also, he went against some of the most physical and top defensive teams so his career percentage of 49.6% and 30.1 career points are outstanding!
I did have a video for each player on the list. I won’t pass Michael on this one, as here is one good video on him. Enjoy!

3.George Gervin

A devastating scorer from the guards position who was such a force on the offensive end of the court, George Gervin had a full arsenal to dominate the opponents’ team with easy.
George excelled at making the toughest shots in the league’s history. That’s right. He made variety of contest lay ups, finger roles, pull up jumpers and so on. He made it look like he was hitting free throws!
He seemed to be a very tough match up for a good defender, and that’s why he was heavily guarded and enjoyed defensive attention in his entire career. Still, because he was so good at scoring on impossible shot attempts, he was even more unstoppable.
He had that silky smooth shot which he relied on to hit nothing but the bottom of the net as his go to move. However, the finger role was his signature move. He ranks high in terms of scoring, and his 50.2% from field is nothing but amazing!
Enjoy this nice mix.

2.Kobe Bryant

The only active player to make that’s capable to score in so many different but effective ways, Kobe Bryant possess one of the best offensive arsenals of all time, if not the finest.
Kobe is a terrific threat on that side of the court. He has a smooth jumper that he has improved through the years, he excels in making a variety of tough and contested shots, is excellent in the post and gets to the basket well. When he gets in his rhythm, it’s over.
He also had a fantastic footwork for a guard and quite possibly the most fantastic offensive skill set ever. To prove you that, i will point that out with one simple fact. Since he has been a starter, he has averaged 27.8 points which is good enough for third on the scoring list.
Yes, that’s right. Some may point out the average efficiency, however that’s because Bryant has been taking more challenging shots than anyone who has played the game. So, he’s very capable force on this sides on the court. Here is a video of him doing work. Enjoy!

1.Elgin Baylor

An underrated legend who was a dominating force on the court for so long, Elgin Baylor possessed arguably the greatest offensive arsenal of all time.
Baylor had a bigger variety of shots than anyone else who has played the game. He excelled in making them. He was actually the first one to beat his defender in multiple ways, that made him quite an elite player in an era of legendary players.
Elgin was hitting runners, floaters, pull ups and other contested shots with easy, he was terrific post up player too and could finish at the rim in dozens of ways. He was ahead of his time in that regard, which made him special yet highly overlook superstar.
Not even the opponents’ top defender nor finest defensive teams could stop him. The Russell led Celtics were the top team in that aspect for so long, however as a unit they didn’t have an answer for Baylor who torched them for 40.6 and 33.5 points twice in Finals.
He even averaged over 22.5 points as a rookie, as he was keeping the Lakers in the league. That’s right. Until the knee injury in ’66, he was that good. Even though he was a dominating force after the injury, still he wasn’t quite the same that he was before.


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