Welcome back to the “Greatest Ever” series as we continue with the rankings of the greatest specialists in the NBA History. There is one aspect of the game in which some player excels more than anything.
Sometimes because a player’s ability to impact on the floor have made him known and a respected legend. The needed support around the right players is always needed, as not always a star player can push one team into the championship run.
Who are the top specialists to ever step on a basketball hardwood? Without further ado, let’s find out.

Rebounding Specialist:Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman is arguably the greatest rebounding specialists to play the game. Although he was a great defender too, it’s still his work on the boards that earned him a respect as an elite player in the NBA.
He was 6’7, he wasn’t athletic, strong but he possessed nice first, second and even third jumper to be effective on the glass. He excelled in this aspect like few had. Want some proof? Ok, here’s one.
Rodman led the league in rebounding for seven consecutive years with a comfortable margin over the second best guy. Let’s not forget that he averaged nearly 19 rebounds in one season, and was over 15 boards for quite some time!
Those are all amazing averages, considering the pace wasn’t exactly the same like from the 80′s. His ability to rebound earned him five championships!
Honorable Mention:Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, Moses Malone, Jerry Lucas, Nate Thurmond, Elvin Hayes and so on…

Top Scorer:Michael Jordan

I really thought about this a lot choice a lot, but at the end i decided to place Michael Jordan as the best scoring specialist in the league’s history. He was one of the physically most gifted players of all time. He used on them to become a force.
He wasn’t called “Air Jordan” for nothing. He became a much reliable and better shooter since he entered his prime. He could then score in multiple ways, hit all sorts of jump shots and get to the rim. This can also be backed by few things.
First of all, he’s the only player to win ten scoring crowns , he ranks also first in career points per game with 30.1 in average. He also is the all time leader in scoring during the post season and Finals history! He was that good!
Honorable Mention:Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Wilt Chamberlain, George Gervin, Kobe Bryant etc.

Ball Distributor:Magic Johnson

It sometimes seems that passing is a lost art in the league, as barely not so many players can dish the ball well. It doesn’t also help that most of the coming point guards are scorers first, passers second.
Still, no one was arguably a better passer than Earvin “Magic” Johnson. He took it to the next level and made it an art. He invented the no look passes, which are used a lot today.
He was a wizard with the basket who was at his finest when he run a fast brake, consistently found holes in the defense, led his team mates to easy points because of his unmatched court vision.
He also has the numbers to back it. He’s the all time leader in assists per game with 11.2 in average. Magic also leads everyone in passing (in both total and average) during the post season history and probably in the Finals History.
However, his story isn’t all in the stats. Like his former team mates Worthy and Kareem say, he’d make a pass that would lead you to score and you’d still have room to do your thing in the process.
Also, he run the fast brake to perfection. When those eyes got big, it’s over. He figured it and next thing you know is, someone is scoring in transition.
Honorable Mention:John Stockton, Jason Kidd, Steve Nash, Bob Cousy,Oscar Robertson, Isiah Thomas, LeBron James, Larry Bird and so on

Shot Blocker:Bill Russell

Bill Russell is arguably the greatest shot blocking specialist of all time. Although he excelled in other areas, no one was arguably a better shot blocker than him.
He changed the game, revolutionized defensive concepts in the league and this skill of his was crucial for sports record of eleven titles in just thirteen years. Amazing accomplishment, isn’t it?
He created the fundamentals of the blocked shot. Russell gets the nod because of three reasons. First of all, he had perfect timing. Second, he didn’t foul the shooter and third he kept the ball inbound. Unlike some players today.
He intimated all the players in the league with his shot blocking, and he usually knew to pick his spots before he swat an attempt. Also, he was known to play mind games with his opponents and then cut them off, with consecutive blocks.
When he blocked shots, he’d grab the ball and threw an outlet pass to start a fast brake. In that way, he contributed for two points without even scoring. Had this been an official stat in the 60′s, he’d have ranked in the top 2 all time leaders.
Honorable Mention:Dikembe Mutombo, Ben Wallace, Mark Eaton and so on.

Three Point Shooter:Ray Allen

A guard who possess an excellent, quick and effective jump shot that he has worked on for years to improve, Ray Allen is arguably the best three point shooter in the NBA History.
He’s a machine from outside. He makes you pay for leaving him wide open, or even a tiny space as he could get his jumper and find the bottom of the net with easy. He can hit his attempt from distance, regardless is he open or guarded closely.
Allen is additionally a terrific in the catch and shot positions, in which he’s outstanding. Ray is the new three point king. He recently surpassed Reggie Miller for being No.1 on the all time list in most made three point field goals.
Honorable Mention:Reggie Miller, Steve Kerr, Craig Hodges, Jason Kapono and so on.

All-Around Defensive Specialist:Dennis Rodman

For everything stupid he did outside off the court, Dennis Rodman made up with relentless work on the boards and being an amazing defender. He’s arguably the best defensive specialist in the NBA History!
Rodman wasn’t the athlete that some players were. He was neither strong, athletic or fast. He wasn’t even a big guy to begin but still, he was a capable lock down stopper that intimated and stopped prolific offensive players for years.
The Worm usually did his best work on defense on the ground, in which he arguably excelled like no one else has. He was the game’s most versatile defender of all time.
He could slow down big men like Shaq, Hakeem to lighting quick guards like Jordan, Payton etc.
He was awarded with two Defensive Player Of The Year awards, multiple All-Defensive Selections and he forced the opponents to their worst shooting games.
Honorable Mention:Scottie Pippen, Dave Debusschere, Bobby Jones and so on.

Most Physically Imposing Player:Shaquille O’Neal

Throughout his illustrated career of basketball, Shaquille O’Neal made his mark and dominated out there by relying on his outstanding physical advantages. He was arguably the game’s most physically imposing player of all time.
Shaq had great size (7’1), possessed outstanding strength, terrific athleticism, power, agility and nice mobility for his position. Although he had nice skill set too, he relied on his physicality to establish himself as a presence on the court.
He’d make his way to the rim and finish with a powerful slam. Teams used the “Hack A Shaq” game plan to stop O’Neal from getting close where he was nearly unstoppable and automatic, because he was a weak foul shooter.
He broke the rim twice, here’s the first time and second time. The Diesel was one amazing and unique player, who’s already missed out there and he was the game’s ambassador!
Honorable Mention:LeBron James, Wilt Chamberlain, Moses Malone, Dwight Howard, Kareem Abdul Jabbar and so on.

Greatest Statistical Player:Wilt Chamberlain

Wilt Chamberlain was the greatest statistical player in the NBA History. If the criteria is based only on stats, no one was ever a greater and bigger legend of all time than the Big Dipper.
He could pad the stat sheet easily. First of all, he was one of the physically imposing players to play the game. He was arguably more stronger and athletic than anyone who stepped on a hardwood. He had a physical advantage over his opponents for his entire career.
Wilt additionally possessed a nice skill set, one of the all time finest and he was one of the most complete players the league has seen. He was a terrific scorer, rebounder, shot blocker, passer and so on. There wasn’t a thing in he didn’t excel.
He holds 60 out of the 72 records! Chamberlain’s statistical seasons like 50.2 points and 27.0 rebounds and 24 points, 24 boards and eight assists are off the charts! He consistently overwrote the record books.
He ranks high in many categories. He ranks first in rebounding, tied for first in career points per game, probably blocked more shots than anyone ever did, only center to lead the league in assists and the list continues.
Honorable Mention:Oscar Robertson, LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Elgin Baylor and so on.

Most All-Around Player:Oscar Robertson

An amazing guard who excelled in every area of basketball and made the triple double significant, Oscar Robertson was arguably the most complete player in the NBA History.
He was regarded as one of the best scorers, greatest passers, most productive offensive players, top rebounding guards who is praised as the finest post up guard, had sweet court vision and was one of the most fundamentally sound players of all time.
The Big O was extremely intelligent (right there with Russell, Bird..), understood the game from another dimension, was a good decision maker and additionally possessed a terrific skill set. His all-around brilliance is illustrated by the triple doubles!
He officially averaged a triple double for an entire season in 1961-62. However, Robertson actually averaged triple double for five years in which he recorded 30.3 points, 10.4 rebounds and 10.6 assists in over 400+ games. Amazing, isn’t it?
Plus, for a note is that back then although he had fast pace, he didn’t have many sharp shooting back court, assists weren’t counted as they are now, not rules that favor the offensive player and so on. He holds the record with 181 triple doubles!
Honorable Mention:Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Jason Kidd, Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Elgin Baylor, Jerry West and so on.

Best Ball Handler:Pete Maravich

Even though some may argue against it, there’s no doubt that Pete Maravich arguably possessed the best ball handling skills the league has ever seen.
Despite being one dimensional player who wasn’t physically gifted, Pistol Pete was a threat with his amazing offensive abilities that made him a legend. He revolutionized the NBA with his unique playing style and was the ultimate crowd showman.
He invented the between the legs dribble, pass, used the finest ball fakes and made the top defenders of his day look like fools on his so good moves. He was capable to dribble through the entire defense with easy.
Honorable Mention:Magic Johnson, Chris Paul, Penny Hardaway, Jason Kidd and so on.

Most Clutch:Michael Jordan

In the last seconds of the game very few, if not none was better at sealing the deal than Michael Jordan who made a legacy for himself as a clutch shooter that was fearless when it mattered most.
Jordan was a superb and very confident shooter in the most important moments of the games.

He has hit dozens of clutch shots in the course of his illustrated careers, with most memorable moments like ‘The Shot’ versus Cleveland (in picture) and Utah.

The reason for that is his competitiveness and he never accepted to lose.

Honorable Mention:Larry Bird, Jerry West, Kobe Bryant, Sam Jones and so on.

Top Mid Range Shooter:Oscar Robertson

The mid-range shot has been a shot mastered by many great players in order to get the two points, but it isn’t used as it was in the past, even though there are plenty of players who can nail these shots and make it look easy.
Oscar Robertson’s mid range game was second to none. He excelled in it! The Big O was a consistent shooter and he mastered it through his entire career. Despite playing in a very fast era which hurt players’ shooting abilities, his percentages were off the charts.
He shot 48.5% from the field and he scored 25.7 points out there. He had at least 55% True Shooting Percent, which is an amazing feat for sure! There are some other candidates, but the “O” wins this one closely!
Honorable Mention:Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Dirk Nowitzki, Kobe Bryant, Hal Greer, Sam Jones and so on.

Top Free Throw Shooter:Steve Nash

Free throw shots are easy scoring chance for someone who has nice touch. Throughout the league’s history, there hasn’t been a more consistent and automatic shooter from the line than Phoenix Suns’ Steve Nash.
He holds the highest career mark of 90.4% percentage for a career, just barely edging the likes of Rick Barry and Mark Price for the honor of the best free throw shooter ever!
Honorable Mention:Mark Price, Rick Barry etc

Greatest Overall Shooter:Larry Bird

Shooting is one of the basics of the game, and Larry Bird was second to none in this aspect. He was arguably the greatest sharp shooter in the NBA History.
He could find the bottom of the net from just about anywhere and at anytime. Bird had great range on his jumper. He was capable to make variety of shots, regardless were they contested or wide open.
Larry was one of the finest outside threats as well. He led the league twice in three pointers made, has good percent and won the All-Star Shootout Contest three times. He was the first one to win three times in a row and only another player won as much.
He was terrific from the line, as his free throw percentage is one of the highest ever. He was the first one to shot better than 50% from field, 40% from downtown and 90% at the charity. That’s an elite club for fantastic shots and he was twice in it.
His career percentages are off-the charts when we take in consideration how heavily was Bird guarded, especially in the post season and finals. He elevated himself above the rest and was a feared clutch shooter.
Honorable Mention:Reggie Miller, Dirk Nowitzki, Drazen Petrovic, Ray Allen, Jerry West and so on.

Greatest Post Up Player:Hakeem Olajuwon

A superb big man who possessed nice physicality, was skilled and a dominant presence in both paints, Hakeem Olajuwon was arguably the best post up player of all time.
First of all, he was one of the physically most gifted players to play the game. He was quick, strong, versatile and athletic center with a fantastic skill set. Olajuwon was a remarkable force that was arguably the top defensive player to step on a hardwood.
He was terrific one on one stopper, was a great shot blocker, interrupted passes, his off-ball defense was second to none and was really an intimating guy for the opponents. Even if there was a switch, he could shut the perimeter player down.
On the other hand, he was a nightmare on the offensive end. He had lots of post moves, quick ball fakes which are known as the “Dream Shake”. Hakeem also had a sweet mid range jumper with good footwork that made him quite a mismatch.
There were other choices, but at the end, i decided to give this one to Hakeem.
Honorable Mention:Shaquille O’Neal, Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, Kareem Abdul Jabbar and so on.

Greatest Post Up Guard:Oscar Robertson

Usually, banging down low is for the big men but there are some expectations. Even the guards have entered it. Oscar Robertson was the best post up guard to ever step on a basketball hardwood.
Robertson was one of the physically most gifted players of all time, who possessed outstanding strength and had such a control of the game. He used his physicality as an advantage over his opponents, had soft touch and excellent fade away shot too.
If he was given a room for a 12 footer, he’d make his way to get closer and score. He was a mismatch in that aspect. The Big O was extremely efficient when he entered the post and he made others pay.
Honorable Mention:Michael Jordan, Jerry West, Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson and so on.

Most Physically Gifted Player:LeBron James

The most hated and best basketball player in the world as of now, LeBron James is arguably the most physical gifted player in the NBA History.
He’s an athletic freak whose athleticism perhaps tops anyone, is really strong (gained in strength in the past years), is one of the quickest and most physically imposing players of all time.
He also has a high vertical jump, as you can see here and is very powerful force out there.
James has used his natural abilities to become arguably the top player in the league for already few years and will likely remains for quite some time.
He’s been a tough guy to stop in terms of one on one, but the Mavericks did a pretty decent job in this year’s Finals.
However, he’s now even more tougher to contain considering he’s got a decent post up game. With him improving it and taking it to the next level, focusing on winning, he’ll be even more unstoppable!
Honorable Mention:Hakeem Olajuwon, Elgin Baylor, Dwyane Wade, David Robinson, Nate Thurmond, Julius Erving and so on.

Bill Russell revolutionized the concepts of defense in the NBA and was a phenomenal defensive player who mastered the fundamentals to dominate at the defensive end and change the game of basketball with that style.
He basically built the fundamentals of the blocked shot, who made blocking shots into an art form, because he had perfect timing, didn’t foul the shooter and when he blocked the shot, kept his team in possession since he would tip the ball to his teammate or to himself.
He turned blocks into rebounding chances, which is superb. He was a lock-down defender who would use his high basketball IQ, skills and athleticism to stop his man. He had many performances slowing down the great Wilt to below his standard games in the Finals and Playoffs.
He was additionally an intimating presence in the paint that intimated everyone when attacking the rim and forced bad shots. He was even versatile enough, and interrupted passes as well. He’s arguably the greatest post defender to play the game.
Honorable Mention:Hakeem Olajuwon, Wilt Chamberlain, Dennis Rodman, Tim Duncan, Nate Thurmond and so on.

Greatest Non Big Men Rebounder:Elgin Baylor

Rebounding is an area of basketball where usually big men are the ones who pull down most rebounds but there were expectations from other position. Elgin Baylor is arguably the best non big man rebounder in the NBA History.
He relied on his superior physicality to be a force on the glass, and was physical imposing player for the rest. Even though he was a 6’5 forward, Baylor rebounded like he was a center. The numbers, records that he holds prove that.
His career rebound total and average are both ranked at the top, for all non big men. He holds the highest rebounding average with 19.8 for these players as well. He has had probably most 20+ rebound games of them all. He additionally averaged 17.8 boards before he had that knee injury.
He usually led his team in rebounding. The pace argument might hurt him, but i stand behind this guy and he rightfully is ranked at the top.
Honorable Mention:Larry Bird, Jason Kidd, Oscar Robertson and so on.

Best Defender:Bill Russell

A legendary center who revolutionized the concepts of defense, Bill Russell is the greatest defensive player in NBA History, who just changed the game of basketball and proved that you can be a superstar while dominating on the other end of the court.
He was one of the smartest players this game has seen who had a book on everybody and was just that beast who knew how to crush a rhythm of the man he guarded and on offense possessed incredible skills, athleticism, speed to go with high basketball IQ and instincts.
He created dozens of fast breaks for Boston, mostly from rebounding/blocks and throwing outlet passes to anyone, which is how he contributed for another two points without even taking a shot. Impressive, isn’t it.
He was arguably the best shot blocker of all time because of his fantastic style. He mastered three things for earning this honor: perfect timing, not fouling the shooter, keeping possession for his team by turning the blocked shot into a rebound.
That’s art and he built the fundamentals of shot blocking. He was the finest defender that knew how to beat and slow down the great Wilt Chamberlain, especially in the playoffs and finals. He stopped dozens of great big men, Hall of Famers like Pettit, Reed, Bellamy and so on.
Honorable Mention:Hakeem Olajuwon, Wilt Chamberlain, Dennis Rodman, Tim Duncan, Nate Thurmond, Scottie Pippen, Sidney Moncrief and so on.

Best Offensive Arsenal:Elgin Baylor

An underrated legend who was a dominating force on the court for so long, Elgin Baylor possessed arguably the greatest offensive arsenal of all time.
Baylor had a bigger variety of shots than anyone else who has played the game. He excelled in making them. He was actually the first one to beat his defender in multiple ways, that made him quite an elite player in an era of legendary players.
Elgin was hitting runners, floaters, pull ups and other contested shots with easy, he was terrific post up player too and could finish at the rim in dozens of ways. He was ahead of his time in that regard, which made him special yet highly overlook superstar.
Not even the opponents’ top defender nor finest defensive teams could stop him. The Russell led Celtics were the top team in that aspect for so long, however as a unit they didn’t have an answer for Baylor who torched them for 40.6 and 33.5 points twice in Finals.
He even averaged over 22.5 points as a rookie, as he was keeping the Lakers in the league. That’s right. Until the knee injury in ’66, he was that good. Even though he was a dominating force after the injury, still he wasn’t quite the same that he was before.
Honorable Mention:Kobe Bryant, George Gervin, Michael Jordan, Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Bernard King and so on.

Best High Flyer:Julius Erving

A terrific forward who made playing above the rim and turned it into an art form, Julius Erving was arguably the greatest high flyer in the NBA History.
He was one of those guys who was capable to dominate in a game while leaping over the rest. He was one of the most physically gifted players of all time, as he could jump high, was really athletic and was quick. Not even the likes of Kareem and Walton could block his dunk, in fact no one did.
He additionally won the first slam dunk contest ever, which was held in the ABA in 1976. He narrowly beat David Thompson, with the famous free throw line dunk.
Erving used to operate on guys out there. He was also the top finisher to play the game, because he had the biggest hands, soft touch and his physical advantages.
He made high flying an art and he managed to keep himself in excellent shape through his entire career. In his peak in the ABA, no one could stop him. He even torched the David Thompson led Nuggets in a Finals series (that he won) with 37.7 points and 14.2 boards.
Honorable Mention:Michael Jordan, Dominique Wilkins, Elgin Baylor, Vince Carter, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Kobe Bryant, David Thompson and so on.

Best Perimeter Scorer:Jerry West

Throughout the league’s history there have been many perimeter scorers, especially since the three point line was introduced. But no one did scoring from outside better than Jerry West.
West was one of the best shooters of all time, who could find the bottom of the net from just about anywhere and had terrific arsenal. He was capable to make variety of shots, even if they were contested. He made the defender look helpless, as he’d pull up and hit nothing but net.
He was additionally a very efficient scorer, considering he dominated teams from the perimeter. He scored 27.0 points in average on a 47.4% Field Goal percentage. He elevated himself in the post season where he poured in 29.1 points while shooting 46.9% from field.
That’s excellent efficiency for a guard. It’s one of the main reasons why he gets the nod over everyone else.
Honorable Mention:Kobe Bryant, David Thompson, Michael Jordan, Ray Allen, Reggie Miller, Carmelo Anthony and so on.

Most Fundamentally Sound Player:Tim Duncan

A terrific big man who’s dominance and excellence is based on his understanding of the fundamentals, Tim Duncan is arguably the most fundamentally sound player in the NBA History.
Timmy has a fully developed game on both sides of the court because of he mastered the basics of the game. On offense, he’s excellent with his back to the basket, has a nice bank shot, has sweet moves, makes good decisions, is good passer and solid shot.
On the other hand, he’s a fundamental player on the defensive side as well. Tim’s a fantastic defender, because he uses his advantages well, has high IQ and has perfect timing. He does most of his work on the ground, not in the air, where he excels like no one else.
There’s not a thing he can’t do out there!
Honorable Mention:Bill Walton, Oscar Robertson, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and so on.

Most Polarizing Player:Kobe Bryant

There hasn’t been a more polarizing player in the league’s history than Los Angeles Lakers’ superstar, Kobe Bryant. He’s either loved or hated, usually there’s no such thing in the middle when he’s in question. For every little thing, he’s got a lot of pressure from the media even if it wasn’t his fault.
Honorable Mention:Every other NBA legend since the mid 70′s.

Most Consistent Player:Tim Duncan

Consistency isn’t a thing that can exactly be measured with statistics, nonetheless no one was more consistent player in the NBA History than Tim Duncan.
Timmy’s excellence is largely because he’s the most fundamentally sound player to play the game, is one of the most smartest and all-around players of all time. He’s been a terrific presence in terms of defense, offense and rebounding through his entire and illustrated career.
Duncan is a double-double machine since the first day in the league. He elevated himself in the post season and finals to a whole new level. His excellence has lasted for so long, that until now, he hasn’t really a serious drop off in his game.
Honorable Mention:Karl Malone, Elvin Hayes, Michael Jordan, Bill Russell, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul Jabbar and so on.

Best High School Player To Play In The NBA:Kobe Bryant

Being a talented high school player isn’t easy thing. Then you have to make two choices:will you go to college or directly to the pros? Even though the first choice is more wise, some still go for the second.
The risk is high. You could either end up like Kwame Brown, Darius Miles who aren’t so good or end up real good, like Kobe Bryant.
He’s the best high school player to come in the NBA and excel in the league. That’s right. He’s arguably one of the game’s greatest players of all time.
He’s a nightmare on offense, because he has terrific arsenal (arguably the finest), is a threat from the perimeter, one of the top post up guards, has one of the most sweetest mid range games and is a high flyer who can still finish strong.
On the other hand, Bryant is one of the most elite man to man stoppers of any time and a pretty good rebounder for his position. He’s one of the most complete two way players ever. He’s not done. He’ll be a candidate for the G.O.A.T honor once when he’s through with basketball.
LeBron James will have a case to beat him, once when he ends his career.
Honorable Mention:Moses Malone, Kevin Garnett, LeBron James and so on.

Best Work Ethic:Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant’s work ethic is second to none. No one has worked harder to improve in all faces of his game like he has. That’s why he has become from a talented hotshot in his high school days to a role model (at least on the court) and arguably a future legend.
He has spent more hours in the gym to be a starter and the feared player that he is now. He gets up early to shot 1 000 shots per day to keep his consistency. That’s amazing.
Honorable Mention:Karl Malone, Michael Jordan, Ray Allen, Dwyane Wade and so on.

Top Post Up Forward:Kevin McHale

A physical power forward who was tough as nails, skilled and had a complete game, Kevin McHale is arguably the best post up forward in the NBA History.
In fact, he’s arguably the greatest offensive low post threat to play the game. He frustrated opponents with the way he’d get pass them and just get the easy points. He had variety of sweet moves and fakes that very few could slow down.
Don’t believe me? Here’s a good video. He’d often score in there with easy and sometimes seemed to “school” them as well. McHale was a terrific threat that not even the top defensive players of his day could slow him down.
Honorable Mention:Larry Bird, Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, Bernard King, Adrian Dantley and so on.

Best Non Guard Passer:LeBron James

A superbly gifted forward who dominates largely based on his physicality, skill set and intelligence, LeBron James is arguably the best non guard passer in the NBA History.
He’s got a fantastic court vision, is unselfish, makes great decision, handles the rock well and leads his man for the easy points. James has been one of the finest passers, if not the best in the league despite not being a point guard.
LeBron is the first player to average at least eight assists for a forward. He even managed to pick up more than 10 dimes in one month, a true feat of just how terrific playmaker he can be. He has managed even to rank top five in assists per game as well!
He has always been above 6 assists per game,including hitting last year 8.6 through entire season.His averages in the playoffs go high as well.

Most Productive Offensive Player:Oscar Robertson

Being a productive offensive player isn’t very easy, but Oscar Robertson is second to none in that department. The complete Big O was a terrific guard that did all of the needed things for his teams to win.
He was a physically gifted player, possessed a nice skill set, was a very smart man (according to Bill Russell), was a great decision maker as he seemed to do the right thing and produced many points, even when he wasn’t scoring.
His production can be backed up with the fact that he consistently ranked among the league leaders in both scoring and passing. The “O” excelled in both of those aspects, as he won one scoring crown and seven assist titles.
Amazing feat isn’t it? It sure is. Let’s not forget that he’s the only player ever to lead the league in points, assists and free throw percent all in one season. Robertson managed to shot 48.5% from field in extremely fast pace era.
Honorable Mention:LeBron James, Jerry West, Wilt Chamberlain, Michael Jordan and so on.

Most Efficient Scorer:Shaquille O’Neal

Shaquille O’Neal is arguably the most efficient scorer in the NBA History. He’s the all time leader in field goal percentage with impressive percent of 58.2% and he ranks top five on the all time list in scoring as well.
Shaq was arguably the physically most imposing player to play the game. When he got close to the basket, he was the most unstoppable force to ever grace the hardwood. Even though he was limited in terms of offensive arsenal, he was nonetheless very efficient.
The Diesel had typical low post moves, a baby hook shot and overlooked footwork. He’d make his way to the basket and just finish with a slam dunk while getting the whistle from the referee too.
Honorable Mention:Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Wilt Chamberlain, Michael Jordan and so on.

Top Overall Dunker:Dominique Wilkins

One of the game’s most underrated and physically gifted players of all time, Dominique Wilkins was arguably the best dunker in the NBA History.
The Red Hot Hawk thrived in the tough Eastern Conference while playing with the Atlanta Hawks. He always put on a show for fans in all of the arenas he played in with his powerful and highlight reel dunks that he performed.
He won two Slam Dunk Contest as he participated in five of them, with the most famous showdown was versus Jordan in ’88. The thing with Dominique, is that he performed his jams from the Dunk Contest into the regular games which is why he gets the nod.
He was the first one to really do the wind meal dunk and he made it popular. Wilkins was amazing player!

Most Creative Dunker:Vince Carter

Half A Man, Half Amazing aka Vince Carter is arguably the most creative dunker in the NBA History. He was one of the game’s top high fliers to play the game, and he had sick vertical jump.
He has showed case his spectacular ability to dunk throughout his entire career of basketball, and manged to perform some of the most sickest jams the league has ever seen. This video tells more than i can. Enjoy!

Best In Game Dunker:Julius Erving

Julius Erving revolutionized high flying like no one else has ever done. He was the greatest high flyer, who turned dunking an art form and was arguably the best game dunker of all time.
He used to operate on guys out there. That’s why he earned the nickname “The Doctor”. He was a physically gifted player, as he had nice athleticism, big vertical jump, had soft touch and those big hands. He’d just fly above the defenders and finish with the jam!
People would fill entire arenas just to see him performing his thing. Here are the top 10 dunksof his career. Enjoy!
Honorable Mention:Michael Jordan, Vince Carter, Dominique Wilkins, LeBron James and so on.

Best Perimeter Defender:Gary Payton

To me, no one ever defended the perimeter better than Gary Payton whose nickname (“The Glove”) describes his ability to defend perfectly, for he is the only Point Guard to ever win Defensive Player of the Year.
Payton stood at 6’4″, had phenomenal footwork, quick hands, toughness and tenacity to rise above all on the perimeter against tons of prolific scorers. He had no problem shutting them all down as he masted the art of steals while not allowing a clear shot.
He was known for his defensive performances in his career against some of the top scorers of all times. He held his own against even the legendary Michael Jordan, who he put to his worst Finals performances and slowed him to 27.3 points, stopping him five times under 30 points and holding him to 42 percent from the field.
Honorable Mention:Scottie Pippen, Michael Jordan, Sidney Moncrief and so on

Most Unstoppable Player:Shaquille O’Neal

The physically most imposing player to ever step on a basketball hardwood, Shaquille O’Neal is arguably the most unstoppable force of all time.
He relied on his superior physical advantages such as size, strength, athleticism, agility and power to be a dominant presence through his career. He also had a nice mobility for a that big center. However, he wasn’t all in physicality.
Shaq possessed a terrific skill set too. He was underrated passer for his position (one of the finest ever), established himself as a fantastic presence on defense, blocked shots and rebounded the ball well etc.
Even though he was criticized for the lack of effort in terms of defense and rebounding during the regular season, he elevated his play in those categories especially in the post season and finals. One of the greatest rebounders and shot blockers in those periods.
O’Neal has been nearly automatic when he was close to the basket. He had his famous “Tornado Drop Step” move that very few could get in a position to contain and he was additionally the most efficient low post (and overall) scorer to play the game.
Here are few examples. He averaged 38 points, 17 rebounds and three blocks on 60% from field in the 2000 Finals. During his first five trips to the Finals, he proved why he was unstoppable!
Honorable Mention:Michael Jordan, Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, George Gervin, Oscar Robertson, Elgin Baylor and so on.

Most Dominant Player:Wilt Chamberlain

A superb athlete who was one of the physically most imposing players to ever step on a hardwood, Wilt Chamberlain was arguably the most dominant player in the NBA History. Just how good he was? Oscar Robertson summed it best with one quote “The Books Don’t Lie”.
Wilt holds more than 60 records out of the 72 official NBA records, which is by far tops anyone else. He was arguably the most athletic and strongest player of all time. The Big Dipper was a powerful force for his entire career. However, he was also a very skilled player.
He could find the bottom the net in variety of ways, was arguably the finest rebounder of any time and arguably the best defender of all time. He was as dominant as Shaq on offense and as good as Russell on defense.
Chamberlain had his shares against the best defender in the league’s history (Bill Russell), as he once averaged 40 points and 30 rebounds for ten games. In the 1967 playoffs, he totally outmatched his opponent and officially recorded a quadruple double! His arch rival went to congratulate him for that effort!
Just how dominant was he? He averaged 50 points and 27 rebounds in one season, which can be argued as one of the greatest ever. He ranks first in rebounding in both total and average in the regular season, who was a terrific player in the post season and finals unlike some say.
Honorable Mention:Shaquille O’Neal, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Michael Jordan, Elgin Baylor and so on

Most NBA Ready Player:Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Today’s players that come into the pros are either one and done college players or talented hotshots from high school that usually need more time to develop but some fail to exceed their expectations.
That wasn’t the case with Lew Alcindor, aka now Kareem Abdul Jabbar. However you call him, he came most NBA ready after his four outstanding seasons under John Wooden in UCLA where he helped to establish a dynasty and became a legend.
He came in his physical prime in the league, as he averaged 29.7 points, 17.3 rebounds and 3.8 assists during the post season. He did average 31.8 points, 15.7 boards and four dimes in the regular season. He led the league in total points scored for three years in a row!
He led the famous Bucks team as a sophomore to the championship over elite defensive teams and the amount of double, triple teams he faced every game!
Honorable Mention:Oscar Robertson, Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal, Tim Duncan, Elgin Baylor, Julius Erving, Bill Russell and so on.

Best At Making Others Better:Magic Johnson

A unique point guard with a height of a forward who had amazing sense to set up others and lead them to easy points, Magic Johnson was the best at making his team mates better.
He was the game’s greatest passer of all time. He had the finest court vision ever, as he could see the floor in a way no one has and was a nightmare when he found holes in the defense to lead his team mates for easy points.
He made bench players look ordinary, he made solid players look good, he made good players into great and so on. Magic’s ability to set up amazing looks is second to none.
Honorable Mention:Bill Russell, LeBron James, Oscar Robertson, Bob Cousy, Jason Kidd, Steve Nash and so on.


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