He is about to become the diva of golf for ripping one of the world's greatest golfers who formerly lavished him with massive earnings, just so Tiger Woods could have a loyal caddie to carry his almighty golf bag adorned with endorsement logos.

It was enough for Woods to bail on a longtime relationship that apparently unraveled, an unexpected fallout no one ever imagined and especially Steve Williams, one of the richest caddies who profited from Woods, though he never struck a drive or made a putt.

It's a childlike feud of a destroyed relationship and a bitter ex-caddie aiming for vengeance, angry for being divorced by the man who consolidated his celebrity, a rarity for Williams considering that he only carried Woods' clubs over more than a decade. It's a distasteful dispute, a sight of hostility that creates an uproar in a pedestrian sport, a personal vendetta by Williams all because he felt he was betrayed and backstabbed.

It wasn't long ago, as Williams lost respect for his partner of 12 years when specifics surfaced of the world's famous golfer's sex scandals repeatedly came to light turning Woods infamous as a spotless superstar, when Woods parted ways with Williams, the bagman suddenly flipping the script on the shamed golfer.

The New Zealander, a 47-year-old caddie who is no better than a water boy standing on the sideline serving water, admittedly divulged that he discovered Woods' on decline as his era is fading quickly, a player on the verge of surpassing Jack Nicklaus for record-setting 18 major titles if he can ever recoup and win enough major championships.

If you haven't taken heed to what is happening, well, you haven't closely followed the utmost insanity that just won't disappear from dominating headlines. There is no bigger jerk in golf than Woods ex-caddie, publicly rejoicing with the media, bragging with the media and ripping his former friend through the media.

How can any honest, good friend dismiss the greatest moments when he carried Woods' bags for 12 years and watched the best golfer on the planet imaginably capture 13 major championships, 72 overall wins? What a stinking shame that Williams, just for holding the bags and handing the iron sticks to Woods at each hole, had experienced much triumph mastered all by Woods' brilliance and craft.

Before he attained popularity in this country, before he was made one of the richest caddies when he never attempted a shot but tried to call the shots, Williams was never a star. He was an employment under Woods. The golfer runs the business and show, not the caddie, a person hired to assistance a golfer by lugging the player's clubs and finding the balls.

This is the equivalent of someone befriending an individual only to benefit in many ways, and then eventually dropping the F-bomb, turning one's back on a person who provided and helped that individual in their sensational career. This is Williams' fault. He is whining, bitching, moaning, and almost certainly, the two men have fallen apart following the drastic transitions and statements on the disparity in an abrupt parting.

It really is a pathetic rift, a form of disrespect to lambaste Woods, particularly when he was the hand feeding Williams before the firing, at a juncture of a troubled period of time as Woods is still trying to undo the widespread infidelities 18 months ago. It may shock you to notice that Williams is feuding with Woods, the most chaotic altercation these days, amazingly selling the sport, boosting the ratings of which fans brace conflict to watch rivalries and intense drama ignite.

Understanding that he and Williams is drawing interest in the sport as long as they embroil enough fuss, it could prove to be helpful and beneficial in golf, even more so when it involves Woods. Isn't it so crazy, preposterous? If he had good sense, Williams would had never conducted a postgame interview, boasting after thousands of fans cheated his name as Adam Scott, his new partner, won the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational.

If we really must go there, and speak the truth, then we can honestly admit that Williams never won a title. And he certainly wasn't the winner at the last tournament... instead it was Scott. He was victorious, not Williams. But then, he'd win an award for being the best caddie maybe, but not the best golfer. It's just too bad the sport doesn't have an award for caddies or even for trash-talking.

If so, he would be the leading candidate. Don't you think? It's more as if he's trying to even the score with Woods, a motivational, self-esteem scheme to uplift his emotions. It's never a good feeling when someone is dumped or turned down, but the romance ended all so miserably, the chemistry no longer exist and Tiger and Williams finally had enough.

But if one thought they were "taking a break" -- Williams -- and Tiger, of course, were both confounded and burned out. What truly matters is, he become rich based on Woods' expense, he was a celebrity for carrying his equipment and he was given the best assignment from the greatest golfer on the planet, but almost simultaneously, he insults and ridicules the man who issued paychecks and plenty of gifts in return.

And this is how he repays Woods?

More notably, it doesn't take long for someone to betray another human being. This isn't so much about Woods deciding to change his caddie, but in all likelihood, it's about Williams disrespecting a selfless athlete.

He seems to believe he can make a mockery of someone when he was rewarded with riches and had been in a greater state to nurture his family. He seems to believe he can now belittle the man after he became a celebrity in the modern era of the prestigious and ancient game.

For all we know, Williams has taken the job description to his damn head, and he's tried desperately to be atop all caddies, all because he was behind Woods until he bitterly criticized and mocked him -- seemingly raging and scolding his former boss.

It's a laughable soap opera that won't resolve anytime soon, and it's considerably more than just Woods' bravado or detachment, but also the unfaithfulness and extramarital affairs. We are long past those days, ready to move forward as Woods is rehabilitating from the sex scandals and lengthy battle of injuries confident he can return to prominence and lift back into contention.

So what if Woods decided to move on without Williams? Maybe this change is healthy, for a man fighting mentally and physically to restore faith and his tattered image when much credibility was lost after the allegations elicited anger.

The transgressions against his ex-wife never settled too well with many people as Woods quickly lost consumers and supporters, and even his caddie, telling Steve that he had consent to caddie for Scott at the U.S. Open, back in June at the Congressional Country Club in Washington.

It happened this past weekend in Akron,Ohio, when Woods finally was removed from the injured list and played, in preparation for the PGA Championship this week. But we also know, in retrospect, that he had hired a replacement by the name of Bryan Bell, a best friend of Woods since seventh grade.

If anyone can understand this absurdity, it's because they realize that Williams is infuriated because he was fired, pleading to the world he is still worthy behind Scott. So what if Woods faltered and dropped to 37th place in the tournament? No reason to rub it in, no reason to bash Woods.

The reality here is that Woods had more class and dignity than his old friend, had more respect and maturity and downplayed the nonsense. Maybe Stevie Williams deserved to be fired. Maybe he earned what he was asking for. It never took long for Woods' agent, Mark Steinberg, to respond.

“I’m stunned I’ve had to talk about this situation last night and today after Adam Scott’s good win,” he told Golfweek. “I feel sorry for Adam. But I’m tired of (Woods) taking shots for two years. When someone says something patently false, I feel the need to speak up. To say he (Williams) didn’t get fired face-to-face is ludicrous and tiring.”

This whole thing is ludicrous, just utterly ridiculous and it feels like an everlasting soap opera that will never end. And, yes, it's an ongoing story of a overblown breakup and, for the record, it has turned into acrimony. It's just too bad, but now it's time that Williams move on. It's like breaking up with your ex-lover. GET OVER IT, GET OVER YOURSELF!!

The worst part of it all is, the relationship unraveled amidst he/said theories and finger-pointing to provoke a farce and unnecessary bull. This is what it has become an episode of misguided insanity, a full-blown controversy.

Williams, with the exception of Woods, he thought he was a star, but he never was a star. He was only a worker for his boss, and now, a distasteful S.O.B. with no morals.

That sounds like Stevie.


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