After Larry Fitzgerald signed a eight-year, $120 million mega-deal, Tennessee Titans' running back Chris Johnson is not too pleased. This may want to continue to star's holdout.

Rumors have come up of a possible trade for Johnson, but the Titans are denying the case. He hasn't asked for a trade, but if he ever does, coach Mike Munchak says the organization will definitely say no to the situation.

"We would figure he's under contract for two years, he's going to be a Titan and we would hope a longer term than that," Munchak told the Associated Press. "But I don't think that's anything we would even give any consideration to. He's with us one way or another, and hopefully it ends up being on the field."

Johnson had another strong year, rushing for 1,364 yards with eleven touchdowns and a 4.3 yards-per-carry average. He made his big break after rushing for over 2,000 yards in 2009.

Johnson and his agent, Joel Segal, have met with the team's general manager Mike Reinfeldt twice. Johnson had a tweet that had people buzzing, saying "I'll give everyone update when the time is right."

Tom Brady and Peyton are already the highest-paid at quarterback and Fitzgerald is at wide receiver. Johnson may be next for running backs, as the Titans have said they plan to make CJ the highest-paid back in league history. Johnson reportedly wants over $13 million per year with about $35 million guaranteed.

But the deal needs to get done quick as the season-opener starts on September 11. Javon Ringer may have to do some duty, but has missed some pre-season time. However, he could be available for the last game in the pre-season on the first day of the new month. Tennessee also has draft-pick, Jamie Harper, who could do some carries if a deal doesn't get done in time.

Tennessee has also considered getting a running back from free agency who has gotten some experience. Clinton Portis has been an option as they look to add a veteran back.

Whatever happens, Tennessee is preparing for the worst.

"It's something where you're always being aware of what's out there in case this would grow into an uglier situation than we'd hoped," Munchak said.

The Titans are really hoping their star will be ready to go against the Jaguars on the 11th. 


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