We've seen talks like this before. Should Terrelle Pryor play a different position in the NFL? Pryor was a dual-threat quarterback at Ohio State, owning in the passing game and even tearing up the turf with his legs as well.

He threw for 2,772 yards with 27 touchdowns and only eleven interceptions along with 754 yards on the ground and four touchdowns.

But it's different in the pros. Pryor was selected in the third round in this year's NFL Supplemental Draft. However, he did not mind not playing quarterback in the NFL. He said he would do anything and play any position the coaches told him after signing a four-year deal.

Pryor struggled in his first practice with Oakland, fumbling a snap and throwing some pretty bad passes. He played on 16 snaps, but this was his first day of practice then again and he was also three weeks behind all the others.

"The problem is that now I'm 17, 18 days, practices behind right now," Pryor said. "I'm just playing catch-up right now. Some of the stuff is getting there, and I'm starting to get familiar with some of the stuff. But it's been one day. Give me a couple of days, and I should be able to fill it in and feel a lot more comfortable."

Pryor is behind Jason Campbell, Kyle Boller, and Trent Edwards in the depth chart, but he can definitely build his way back up.

However, I have a different opinion about Pryor's future in the NFL.  I really think he can be much more successful as a tight end. He has the right size at 6'6" and 233 pounds, perfect for a tight end.

During his pro day, he ran around a 4.38 in the 40-yard-dash. According to Mel Kiper Jr. of ESPN, the fastest 40-time was by Edmond Gates this year with a 4.37. To see a guy, as Kiper Jr. says so, who is at least six inches taller and 40 pounds heavier, that is pretty darn impressive!

Pryor isn't a quarterback. Not the way I look at it. He's an athlete. He looks like a Vince Young or Tim Tebow type, but look how far they've gone in the league. Young is now backing up Michael Vick in Philly and Tebow could fall all the way down to as the fourth-best quarterback on the depth chart (or in the worst terms: worst QB on the roster).

Some good examples are Antonio Gates and Jimmy Graham, like Kiper pointed out. Gates never played college football and was a basketball player. But now he's turned into one of the best tight ends of all-time. But let's not get carried away. We can't expect Pryor to be as good as a guy like Gates just like that. The least he could be is Jimmy Graham, who also played college basketball but turned out just fine in the NFL as tight end for the Saints. He had 31 receptions for 356 yards five touchdowns last season.

Pryor would be far more successful in my opinion as a tight end. He has the speed, the athleticism, and the size to do so. He can be used in a lot of different spots on Oakland's offense.

He's showed off some skills of what he can do with his hands after a touchdown in the Fiesta Bowl versus Texas, so I wouldn't be surprised if he can translate that into an NFL career.

But then again, it was Pryor's "dream to play quarterback in the NFL." I don't know. I personally like him at tight end for an NFL career. But it won't come down to me or anybody else.

It all depends on what Pryor wants to do.

And it's all up to him to decide.


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