The Indianapolis Colts were without their Peyton. However, the Cleveland Browns had theirs, and he played very well.

Peyton Hillis struggled a bit at the starting of the game, but started picking it up in the second half, finishing the game with 94 yards off of 27 carries along with two touchdowns.

Hillis would seal the deal with a 24-yard touchdown to put Cleveland up 24-12. After that, Cleveland would score on another drive, kicking a field goal to put them up even further, 27-12.

The Colts would finally start putting things together, but it was too late. Kerry Collins started connecting with the receivers, later getting it to Dallas Clark in the end zone for a score to put the Colts down by one possession, 27-19.

But after a missed onside kick, the game was over. The Colts start off the season with a record of 0-2. This is the first time Indianapolis has started 0-2 since 1998, Peyton Manning's rookie season.

And speaking of Manning, the injured quarterback recently went to Europe to get stem cells injected into his neck to speed up the healing process. Honestly, I don't care what Manning does -- just as long as he gets healed as fast as possible no matter how strange the procedures may sound.

Colt McCoy picked apart the Colts' secondary with big passes, especially some from running out of the pocket. McCoy was 22-of-32 for 211 yards with a touchdown to go ahead for a 97.3 rating. Collins wasn't the same, going 19-of-38 for 191 yards with a touchdown and an interception. Collins also fumbled once again, and finished with a 62.5 rating.

Indianapolis had many appearances in the red zone where they could have easily scored, but nothing could happen as they relied on Adam Vinatieri for field goals. Indianapolis could have easily had at least two touchdowns.

The game looked like it could have gone in the Colts' direction, starting it off 6-0. This also included a huge sack by Dwight Freeney, making Cleveland fumble. However, Colt McCoy would haunt back, running out of the pocket near the ten-yard line and throwing a crazy pass to tight end Kellen Moore for the score to put Cleveland up, 7-6.

The Colts would respond, but sadly with another field goal, 9-7. That's when the Hillis rushing attack started coming on, and he would score on a one-yard plunge to the end zone to put the Browns up, 14-9. Indianapolis would have a chance to score again, but failed, kicking once again another field goal, 14-12.

After that, the game was over. It featured a Collins' interception to get Cleveland up 17-12, and the story goes on from there.

The Colts had a solid rushing attack going, having one of their better running games in years. Joseph Addai had 14 carries for 64 yards, averaging 4.6 yards per carry. Delone Carter was very impressive, having eleven carries for 46 yards and a 4.2 yards per carry average.

For the Colts to start winning games, Indianapolis needs to start getting into a more balanced offensive attack. They did that today, but they are still trying to get things going as Collins has only been with Indy for a little less than a month. They are still gelling.

And with Manning more than likely to be out for the season, Indianapolis is going to need to make some major changes for them to succeed this season. The loss of Manning has changed the entire team so far.

The Colts are improving in running game, but the passing game has been a big problem so far. Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark have not been as productive. Wayne was the leading receiver, but he only had four catches for 66 yards.

The Colts will host the Pittsburgh Steelers next week at home. A win against the defending AFC champions would be huge.

We'll see what Indy can do, because right now they look like they are number one in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes anyways.


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