Just a few days after Cincinnati Bengals' wide receiver was busted for nearly eight and a half pounds of marijuana, he was able to still play today as Cincy fell to the San Francisco 49ers, 13-8. 

However, Simpson did not have a big performance like he did last week, only having one catch for six yards today. He leads the team with 180 yards and is second in catches with eight. 

"Jerome's legal situation with regard to events of the past week remains completely unresolved, and the Bengals believe it is not appropriate to act on any presumption of what may transpire," the statement said.

Teammate and Bengals' offensive lineman, Anthony Collins, was also there along with a women who signed the package for the marijuana.  Collins stated that he was not part of the activities Simpson was in.

"Unfortunately I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time," Collins said in the statement. "However, I do want to take this opportunity to let my fans, friends and family know that I had no part in the reported activities at Jerome's home.

"I have done nothing wrong and I have not been charged with doing anything wrong. So far as I know, I am no longer a part of any investigation."

This is an interesting scenario here, and however, none have been arrested at all either. 


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