The Philadelphia Eagles were coming into this year's NFL season becoming the "Dream Team." But it hasn't started off so hot, as the team is now 1-3, recently coming off a 24-23 loss to the 49ers, blowing a 23-3 lead. 
Are they still a Dream Team? Michael Vick definitely does not think so, saying the Eagles being a "Dream Team" is now dead. 

"The dream team ... that word is dead now," Vick said. "Can't talk dream team anymore. Maybe it put pressure on some players, maybe it didn't, but I think just the fact that it was lingering around and people were talking about it creates a sense of pressure.

"So it's over with. We're just one of the teams that's got to scratch and claw from the bottom."

Vick also said a similar thing yesterday on the Eagles official website.

"The dream team thing is over. Now we just have to forget about everything that's happened and take it one game at a time. That's what I've sensed in the locker room. I sense change. Nobody's happy about this," Vick told PhiladelphiaEagles.com.

The Eagles will need to bounce back this Sunday as they face the 3-1 Buffalo Bills, who are off to a hot start surprisingly.

Can the Eagles get it together?


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