Georgia vs. LSU: Breaking Down Who Won the Bulldogs vs. Tigers Rap Battle

The back-and-forth battle on YouTube between Georgia and LSU football fans reached a boiling point this week when some UGA fans posted a hype video for the 2011 SEC Championship Game.

The video was hilarious, and clearly the "rappers" took some time to plan out their production.

Props to UGA Video

Although their flow and delivery struggled at times, they made the 3:42 video bearable with some visual creativity and personality.

The moustache on the first rapping Georgia fan applied the very large smile that was on my face while watching, and the White Snoop Dogg that came second even caused a few chuckles.

But if you're anything like me, it wasn't until you were introduced to the little swagged-out Georgia fan rapping at midcourt that you gave the Bulldogs' supporters a standing ovation from your computer chair.

The video was well done overall, even if the lyricism was lacking.

Shame on You LSU

Unfortunately for Tigers' fans, the rebuttal to lsuWHO: the Dawgs are comin' for YOU was hardly the YouTube sensation it could have been.

It seemed rushed from the very beginning and the strong message that was intended to be sent hardly came across.

Sure, there was more rhythm in one verse than the entire UGA video, but that doesn't change the fact that the Bulldogs are the original rap masters of college football.

Sorry LSU, you were a day late.

It's all about production value and creativity for me. LSU's video was more like a desperate response from a sensitive Tigers fan rather than the hype rebuttal, Grammy-winning track it should have been.

Too much chorus.

So, Who Wins?

In the end, even though the No. 1-ranked LSU Tigers will dismantle the Georgia Bulldogs in Atlanta to claim the SEC crown and ultimately win the war, it looks as if Georgia has won the battle.

The rap battle that is.

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