Just two nights ago, Blake Griffin destroyed Pau Gasol on two dunks, just abusing him. On his dunk in the third quarter, Griffin made a crazy one-handed dunk on Gasol and made him fall to the floor. Griffin threw his left forearm, however, to create leverage and dunk.

On both dunks, Gasol fell to the floor and was looking for a foul as he tried protest that the Clippers forward charged. However, there was no call.

Lakers coach Mike Brown says he looks to protest the call.

"I think it's an interesting play and I'm waiting to see an interpretation on the call," Brown said. "It's a heck of a play. But if you lead with your forearm, it's an offensive foul. But maybe I don't know the rules that well."

Brown also looks to protest Griffin's first dunk on Gasol to start off the game.

"Pau doesn't leave his feet that high, but [Griffin] left his feet and jumped on his back and knocked him out of bounds," Brown said. "I want to know what the interpretation is on that. I thought that would be an over-the-back foul."

Brown at least hopes to see the NBA clarify the no-calls.

"They'll get back sometimes and say we were wrong here and we were right here," said Brown. "They'll give us clarification after they review it."


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