During this time of the year, when all of the tournaments in the NCAA are finished, there's a question which always seems to bother all of the elite talents in college basketball. Should they go pros or stay in school?

It's certainly not an easy question to answer, considering it's a tough life decision to make. The hindsight is 20/20. The prospect could finish as the next big thing in the NBA, or just another player who couldn't play up to his potential.

That being said, it's really hard. Perry Jones, the highly talented and great forward from Baylor, has to make the call on this question as well as many other prospects.

He didn't have the most brilliant of a tournament, considering he had two up and down games. Still, for the season, Perry poured 14.0 points, grabbed 7.6 boards, shot 50% from field and connected on 69.6% of his attempts at the charity.

Although he's projected to get selected real high in the upcoming draft as a lottery pick, thanks to his upside, talent and abilities, he shouldn't declare going pros just yet.

Why? They're several reasons for that but first, i'll do a quick scouting profile on his game.

Jones' a 6'11 power forward who's got all of the needed tools to become a dominant force in the NBA. His skill set is arguably second to none for all big men, if not for all. There's a thing on the court that he doesn't do well.

His skills are well complimented by his physical gifts. PJ3's one of the most physically gifted players in this draft class. He's got the size, speed, athleticism, vertical etc which he translates nicely on both sides of the court.

His overall combination of all-around game and physique is arguably in a tier of its own. Perry also has a nice jump shot, with which he can find the bottom of the net from anywhere and has long range.

Jones additionally possess terrific handles that make comfortable on the perimeter. He's not afraid to take it inside and finish strong in the paint. He could be a real match up nightmare for opposing defenders.

However, all of this excellence, has rarely come up when needed for the Bears this season due to several issues. First of all, the wrong mindset.

Perry needs the aggressiveness so he won't need to shy away from contact, to also clean the glass on a higher rate, better presence in his own paint defensively and so on.

Last but extremely important, focus. Can he show that, comes out ready next season, he's going to be a real force in basketball in a near future.

However, expectations aren't small considering his unmatched upside and they'll be even bigger than they're now. He won't definitely hurt his draft stock, if he returns to Baylor for the next year.

Jones' like a bomb, waiting to explode and take it to the other level in terms of excellence of his play. At the moment, he hasn't shown a determination, will and focus to that degree as of now.

Going back to school, has certain positives that could possibly increase his draft value, if he's about to elevate his play on the big stages in the upcoming season and possibly get deeper in the tournament.

There's no doubt in my mind that Perry, once when he figures his issues, will be a star player. There're positive things about this, since, he's said that he's not hurrying about his decision.

Right now, he's not ready but a day will come when he'll be and will start his road to one goal which he's got the tools to get. That's greatness.


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