So you guys remember that crazy, zombie-like attack where a man named Ronald Eugene ate the face off a homeless man named Ronald Poppo. Well, the man is still alive and is doing well, according to CBS Miami.

Poppo can talk now, although he still has a long way to go towards full recovery. In the picture above, his face is blurred out by the hospital who released the photos of him walking, thanks to the help of assistants. Poppo is currently blind, but remains in good spirits.

With the Miami Heat set to take on the Oklahoma City Thunder for Game 1 of the NBA Finals Tuesday night, Poppo expressed his love for his hometown team.

Doctors also revealed Poppo is concerned about the way the media has portrayed him, but he doesn’t listen to the news, only sports.

“He asked how media is portraying him,” said plastic surgeon Dr. Wrood Kassira. “We explained that he is a victim of violence.”

In fact, one of the things Poppo likes to talk about most is the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals. One doctor said before they left the room Poppo said, “Go Heat!”

Some reports indicated that Poppo had nearly 75-80 percent of his face eaten off. However, the true report is that it was only just 50 percent. Along with that, Eugene may not have taken bath salts. According to the autopsy report, he had undigested pills in his stomach along with some marijuana.

We'll see what finds out for Poppo. 

As for LeBron James, this could be some help towards him. If he's got a guy who almost died rooting for him, maybe it could be some motivation for him to get his first ring.

We'll see what the King can do against Kevin Durant in Game 1.

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