The Pro Bowl is slowly dying year-after-year with players getting lazier and lazier in each game.

With NFL commissioner Roger Goodell almost taking away the Pro Bowl, the players insisted to keep it and that they will play harder next time around.

With that, we'll have another Pro Bowl. However, if it's just as worse as they few previous ones, it could be gone for good after next year.

Aaron Rodgers did not like how the players did last time and complained after the Pro Bowl took place. With the latest news of the event returning, the Green Bay Packers quarterback still stands by his comments.

“After the Pro Bowl experience, the things that happened at the hotel, during the week and then in the game, I just thought was so disappointing,” Rodgers told The Green Bay Press-Gazette. “Not only myself, the coaching staff that we brought, but to the fans. I mean, I’m sitting there, I bought six tickets as well so I have six people in the stands watching me in the game and I felt I was embarrassed for them so I just felt like it was the right time to say something like that.”

What Rodgers is saying is true. What do you think of the Pro Bowl?

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