Santonio Holmes Ends Practice For Himself Early, Says He Was "Overused" by Jets

Wide receiver San Antonio Holmes decided to end practice for himself early Thursday with the New York Jets, saying that he was "overused."

Holmes hasn't been too any workouts as he has been in Germany this whole time in a good-will trip the US Air Force.

Holmes reportedly told ESPN New York that he was overworked. It was a two-hour workout before Holmes took off his helmet in frustration. He then talked to receivers coach Sanjay Lal and was also with the trainer, though he wasn't injured. However, he did say he was bothered.

Holmes was supposed to be in 35 reps, but stopped after around 20.

"I was talking to the coach, letting him understand it was too many reps today," Holmes said. "I've been gone for a while, so I can't be at full tempo like the rest of the guys and where they want us to be at."

The Jets are already headed into a drama-filled season, with the ongoing "battle" between Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow.

I'm surprised to see Holmes unhappy like this, since he was pulled out early in the Jets' final game of the season against the Dolphins last season. Holmes showed his frustration, saying he wants to be involved.

But I guess it's understandable, since this is his first workout in like forever.

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