Jason Giambi October 2012Jason Giambi, who was once a superstar with the Oakland Athletics and New York Yankees, is more recently known for his role with the Colorado Rockies as the team’s go-to pinch hitter.

Giambi, currently rehabbing from offseason surgery, has been given a chance to interview for the vacant Rockies Managerial position. Most people in baseball believe Giambi doesn’t have a legitimate shot at being named the Rockies' next manager, given that Giambi is still an active player and has no coaching experience.

However, it is worth noting that during his tenure in the Rockies organization, Giambi has helped the young Rockies hitters grow and mature on and off the field, as well as discussing strategies with former Rockies manager Jim Tracy. A mentor and leader, Giambi now has the chance to graduate to MLB manager.

The Rockies this year become known for unconventional decisions running the franchise, whether it was the failed experiment of the 4-man starting rotation, or believing in Jim Tracy for so long as they did- given that so many people in baseball thought of Tracy as arguably the worst manager in all of baseball.

This is a team that is seen to be run almost completely by the front office. With so much politics and turmoil surrounding the team, it may be very difficult for the Rockies to get an experienced winning manager to take the job. Thus the team may need to look in order directions, including giving Giambi a shot at the vacant role.

Giambi has expressed his desire to play during the 2013 season following the injury plagued season he went through in 2012. Although Giambi would gladly throw out any plans of a return to the diamond…if it meant getting a shot to manage right away.

There is still the question of how much Giambi has left in the tank, as he suffered through a miserable 2012 season. The decision might be made easier that following a successful 2011, Giambi only slugged 1 home run in 89 at-bats, spanning 60 games last year.

While the Rockies’ managerial job at this point is unlikely, don’t rule out the possibility of Giambi finding a hitting coach, or possibly a bench coaching position in the near future. Only time will tell where the slugging first baseman with coaching aspirations ends up. My money is on Jason Giambi returning to his bench role as a part-time Colorado Rockies first baseman for at least one more season.


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