By Josh Dhani

Dwight Howard has received a ton of hate after leaving the Los Angeles Lakers for the Houston Rockes last month during NBA Free Agency.

Howard is now set for a new future with the Rockets, playing with a young squad that features Jeremy Lin, James Harden, Chandler Parsons and Omer Asik that can compete for a championship next season. The same story couldn't be said if he went back to the Lakers, with Kobe Bryant injured and other flaws with the purple-and-gold.

Lakers fans are still salty about the whole situation, and since mid-July they have been attacking Howard on Twitter. But that didn't stop Howard from being his goofy, old self, as he trolled the majority of his haters.

One was about a person who basically said Howard was a piece of shit:
Next, a person made fun of Howard for his Lakers jersey being on a huge mega-sale at stores in California:
After that, someone talks about cows to Howard, as he will see a lot of them in Texas:
And here is the best one of them all, as Howard calls a girl ugly:
Dwight is going to need to back up a lot of his talk he's said for his career and go win a championship. Being ringless at this point, all eyes are on him right now.

These tweets, I'm not sure if they're going to help. But hey, they are hilarious. 


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