john wall 2014 nba slam dunk contest

The East won the 2014 NBA Slam Dunk Contest, with John Wall being awarded with Dunker of the Night honors. All the dunks were solid. Did you miss any of them? Check out all of the dunks from the 2014 NBA Slam Dunk Contest here.

Paul George Finishes Off Freestyle Dunk For East

East won the round.

Damian Lillard Does Between-the-Legs Dunk For West In Freestyle Round

Link here.

Huge Ben McLemore Dunk

ben mclemore dunk

During freestyle round as well. Link here.

BONUS: Nelly Makes Funny Face


Terrence Ross Dunks From Drake Handoff

So that's why Drake was wearing that shirt

Harrison Barnes Dunk


Paul George Reverse, Between-the-Legs Windmill

He did this in a real game before.

Ben McLemore Dunks Over Shaq Sitting On Chair


John Wall Dunks Over Wizards Mascot, Hits the Nae Nae Dance With Paul George



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