Out of any player this NFL offseason, DeSean Jackson definitely has experienced the craziest in 2014. Jackson, now a member of the Washington Redskins, admitted he felt "hurt" from the Philadelphia Eagles releasing him.

“I was definitely hurt,” Jackson said in his interview with ESPN's Stephen A. Smith. “It was a humbling experience. . . . But it’s a business. It’s the NFL.”

Jackson feels like he can thrive with the Redskins.

“I’m feeling great about it,” Jackson said. “I’m very stoked.”

Jackson also talked about the alleged gang affiliations many were reporting about, which originated from a story by NJ.com. Jackson denied all of the nonsense that he was affiliated with gangs.

“It was, from my point of view, very disrespectful,” Jackson said. “I don’t think it was right, straight up. The allegations, the things that were said in the article, were things from a long time ago that the club, the organization knew about.”

Jackson says he has had friends that were part of a gang, but it didn't mean he was part of a gang.

“Do I know friends that are out there, involved? Yes. I try to, you know, stay away from it,” Jackson said. “I’m definitely aware and know certain gang members, but as far as me being affiliated or me being a gang member? Never have I once been. Never had any affiliation of going out and doing things that are against the law. I always felt I’m a product of my environment, but at the same time I’m the guy who wants to go out there and do things the right way.”

Jackson grew up in a struggling area, and looks to remain a role model from where he came from in Southern California.

“I’m trying to tell little kids to stay away from these things, not do drugs, not do violence, stay in school, listen to their parents, make it to college,” Jackson said.

Jackson is coming off his best year in 2013. Now welcomed in Washington and expected to do big things with Robert Griffin III and company, don't be surprised to see a good season coming for D-Jax.


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