chris johnson april 2014

Chris Johnson has been released by the Tennessee Titans, which now makes him a free agent. Johnson will be having plenty of suitors, since he is above and beyond better than any other running back in the 2014 free agency class and even the draft.

However, what teams will be seriously in pursuit for the services of CJ2k? We take a look at 10 possible NFL teams that could be the new destination for Chris Johnson in the 2014 season.

New York Jets

chris johnson titans vs jets

The Jets lack a strong backfield right now. They haven't had a good one in a while. In fact, it probably dates back to the days when they had the Shonn Greene-LaDainian Tomlinson tandem.

Chris Ivory is definitely featured in their backfield, but he alone is not enough. Playing in New York will work out ideally for Johnson, as he doesn't have to carry a major load. Instead, Ivory could do most of the dirty work while Johnson does the latter.

A power back to pair with Johnson might be what is best for the former 2000-yard rusher.

St. Louis Rams

chris johnson titans vs rams

The Rams were one of the laughingstocks of the league for their run game last season due to fumbling issues, but Zac Stacy was no joke.

The Rams were not interested in trading for Johnson, but there might be some there now that he's a free agent. Stacy is a consistent back and having him paired with the likes of Johnson makes for a perfect fit.

The Rams also have an explosive offense with performers like Tavon Austin as part of the offense, so adding Johnson and his speed makes it more the merrier.

Baltimore Ravens

chris johnson titans vs ravens

The Ravens have a lot of questions in their backfield. Ray Rice had the worst season of his career last season, and it's still unknown of whether or not he will serve any jail time.

The Ravens could look to add Johnson as insurance just in case Rice isn't there. Heck, he could even be used to replace Rice.

Rice already has a lot of baggage on him, so having a tandem of both could be beneficial for both running backs looking to get their shine back.

Look for Baltimore to offer Johnson a one-year, show-me-what-you-got contract if they were to sign CJ2K.

New England Patriots

chris johnson titans vs patriots

The Patriots can make almost anything work with any player with their so-called Patriot Way. The Pats have made stars who appeared to have lost their luster look like their old selves again, so trying this experiment on Johnson could end up succeeding.

The Pats are also without LeGarrette Blount, so adding in Johnson could end up being a logical replacement.

The Pats like to add a bevy of running backs to their roster, and having Chris Johnson paired with the likes Shane Vereen and Stevan Ridley could end up being dangerous for opposing offenses.

Plus, it helps Tom Brady a whole ton as well.

Chicago Bears

chris johnson titans vs bears

Adding Chris Johnson would be a safe idea here by the Bears. Matt Forte may be a durable running back, but even he suffers injuries. Plus, what would happen if he were to suffer a long-term one?

The Bears shouldn't take any chances with that idea, and adding Johnson could end up helping Forte a ton since he doesn't have to carry as large of a load.

This could end up being one of the league's best backfield tandems if the Bears play their cards right on this one.

Cleveland Browns

chris johnson titans vs browns

The Browns did add Ben Tate, but he hasn't been proven to carry a full workload.

The Browns should try to make sure to increase their chances of having success in the backfield, and adding Chris Johnson would make things perfect for them.

They need to make sure that things become as comfortable as possible for whatever rookie quarterback that will be coming in for the team.

Having a good running game, especially with a tandem like Johnson and Tate, would be very helpful for whoever that QB is on Cleveland in the very near future (Teddy Bridgewater, Johnny Manziel, etc.).

Oakland Raiders

chris johnson titans vs raiders

Now, why in the hell would the Raiders want Chris Johnson? They are already taking somewhat of a risk by adding Maurice Jones-Drew and keeping Darren McFadden in the backfield. Aren't those two enough for them?

However, as Field Yates of ESPN notes, the Raiders aren't really risking much of anything if they were to add Johnson to par with MJD and Run-DMC.

"Neither player's contract is so onerous that adding another back would be counterproductive. McFadden's deal includes only $100,000 in guaranteed money -- it's not a sure thing that he'll be a big part of their Week 1 plans," Yates writes.

Heck, having a three-way monster of Johnson, Jones-Drew and McFadden would be very scary if it were to actually work. It would also make Oakland look like geniuses since they would be getting all three for a pretty cheap price.

Minnesota Vikings

chris johnson titans vs vikings

The Vikings have to be worried about Adrian Peterson. He's still the face of the franchise, but his durability is already in question. They don't really have another guy to help carry the load right now either since Toby Gerhart left.

The answer could be Chris Johnson, of course. Back in the day, a combo like that would probably would be the scariest thing ever, and it could still could be ... if everything is played out right.

I can see the Vikes taking a chance. It looks like a match made in heaven. I mean, who would've thunk it?

Indianapolis Colts

chris johnson titans vs colts

For years, Chris Johnson has made the Colts look like complete fools when he would play them twice a year, since the Titans are an AFC South division rival. Maybe the Colts have seen enough and would sign him just to put its defense out of its misery.

However, the Colts already have several running backs on their roster, which features Ahmad Bradshaw and Trent Richardson.

Richardson was acquired via trade and was supposed to be the superstar tailback many expected him to be. Of course, that didn't happen. Heck, don't be surprised if Bradshaw outperforms him.

Adding Johnson could pay off, but the question is if that's a risk the Colts would take on?

Dallas Cowboys

chris johnson titans vs cowboys

Of course, the Dallas Cowboys. They have been linked to Johnson as a team of interest, but would they take a chance? I mean, I guess it's worth a shot.

DeMarco Murray has dealt with injuries and his long-term future has already been in question. It'd be safe to bet on Chris Johnson, because he may end up being the viable replacement for Murray.

It makes sense, but it's all up to Jerry Jones here.


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