LaDainian Tomlinson July 2014

Former NFL running back LaDainian Tomlinson was one of the best and at one point the best player at his position and in the league overall when he was playing. Of course, he racked up a lot of cash in his career.

With that, we shouldn't be surprised that Tomlinson, now retired, has a crazy mansion in California. However, it looks like he is now looking to sell out for $3.5 million.

From Bleacher Report:

The former NFL running back's house was built back in 2004. It has five bedrooms, five bathrooms and a six-car garage. Not only is there an awesome pool outside, but there is also an aquarium inside of the house.

With all of the sweet features, this mansion has a resort-like feel to it.

BR ain't kidding, the mansion is wicked awesome. It's too dope.

Flip the pages to see photos and a video of LT's sick mansion...

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