Chris Bosh Carmelo Anthony July 2014

The Houston Rockets are looking to add one key superstar to create a Big Three with Dwight Howard and James Harden. They've been targeting Carmelo Anthony as well as LeBron James.

They are more likely to land Carmelo, but even he's a longshot to join the franchise via NBA free agency. Houston, however, has a plan B if they are unable to land either star small forward.

According to ESPN, they'll try going after Miami Heat free agent power forward Chris Bosh.

The Houston Rockets, if they fail to land free agent Carmelo Anthony, plan to shift their attention to trying to swipe Chris Bosh away from the Miami Heat, according to sources close to the process.

Sources told ESPN.com on Thursday night that the Rockets — while still holding out hope that Anthony will choose them after hosting him Wednesday in Houston — have already let Bosh know how interested they are in bringing the Dallas native back to Texas.

Bosh is from Texas, so it would make sense if he returned to where he grew up. Along with that, he would be on a title contender and could be able to create a scary frontcourt tandem with Howard.

However, it only happens if LeBron ends up leaving the Heat. With that, Bosh can choose to sign his targeted $17 million salary range with either the Heat or other teams like Houston or the Dallas Mavericks.

Things are going to start rolling once Carmelo and LeBron make their decision, which is hopefully sometime right after this weekend.


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