Udonis Haslem July 2014

Many members of the Miami Heat may not have too much of a big deal of LeBron James leaving. Sure, their championships chance dwindle, but Mario Chalmers found his way back on the team, Chris Bosh got a max deal and will be a focal point of the offense, and more.

However, Dwyane Wade and Udonis Haslem have to be feeling a little bit salty. Wade would've made $40 million over the next few years, but he won't ever touch a $20 million salary again after opting out. Haslem also got lucked out of some extra cash, too.

Haslem was asked about when the Heat first play the Cleveland Cavaliers when the 2014-15 NBA season begins. Haslem's prediction is ... scary.


Keep in mind that Joe Goodman (Miami Herald beat writer) could be joking, though.

LeBron should be on the lookout if this quote is for real, because Haslem definitely went Clubber Lang mode:



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