Seahawks Super Bowl Bound January 2015

The Seattle Seahawks are back in the Super Bowl!

Down 19-7 with just a few minutes left, Seattle rallied to the most un-probable run ever in an NFL Playoff game. Seattle scored 15 points in a span of 44 seconds.

It started out with a Marshawn Lynch rushing touchdown to make it 19-14. Seattle was then able to recover the onside kick, thanks to Packers tight end Brandon Bostick dropping the ball.

With that, the Seahawks were able to get another touchdown in followed by a two-point conversion (watch those plays here). Down 22-19, the Green Bay Packers weren't going to give up yet.

Aaron Rodgers rallied Green Bay to field goal range, and Mason Crosby kicked the Pack into overtime. It was over from there, though.

Seattle won the toss and they drove down the field with ease. It ended with Russell Wilson throwing this magnificent touchdown to give the Seahawks the victory.


Wilson, even with four interceptions and one of the worst games of his career, redeemed himself when it counted most.

And the Seahawks are now back in the Super Bowl. Their next mission? Repeat.


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