Kevin Durant Nightmare

See, I would put a Lil B into that photo above ... but naahhh.

Kevin Durant recently made the cover of GQ Magazine, and it looks like he went deep about his personal life during his interview.

One of the topics was how he dumped his fiancee and kept wondering on if he would end up living his life alone.

Outside this coffee shop, there are multiple millions of people representing multiple millions of dollars—shoe companies, league executives, agents, little kids with big KD posters on their walls—with opinions on what he should and should not be saying at this particular moment. A whole universe bending to be like: Talk about your will to succeed. Your work in the community. How you know what it takes to win.

But what he wants to say right now is this: “I go to sleep at night, like, ‘Am I gonna be alone forever?’ ” A whole ocean of regret. His life too hectic, and too surrounded by money, to trust, let alone love, the next person who comes through that door.

“Am I gonna be alone forever? Am I gonna have kids?”

Almost seven feet tall in a sweat suit, body like God wanted him to be this good.

“I feel like there’s no hope. But I still gotta have faith.”

KD has really opened up to the media lately, and has not been afraid to say anything. Nice to see the a fresh, human side from the NBA star.


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