Drake Apple Music Clapping June 2015

It seems like Drake's name is always involved in beef and drama, even when he's not even involved with the matter at all.

This one involves two PGA golfers, where they had a Twitter beef over one playing Drizzy's music too loud at the driving range.

Complex has the details:

Apparently, pro golfer Will Wilcox was bumping Drizzy’s music at the driving range at TPC River Highlands in Cromwell, Conn. last week when one of his fellow pro golfers Brendan Steele took exception to it. We don’t know if he didn’t like the music or what, but whatever the case, he went and told someone from the golf course to ask Wilcox to turn it down. Wilcox obliged, but he also managed to find out who squealed on him and that led to this petty exchange between him and Steele on Twitter last night and earlier today.

Here are the tweets:

Both have their points. One shouldn't have been playing Drake's music in the first place on the golf course. If he did, he should have at least had headphones. For the other, he could have at least requested him to turn off the music.


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