The Indianapolis Colts' rivalry with the New England Patriots seemed all but dead after Peyton Manning joined the Denver Broncos, but it's more alive than ever.

Despite Indy having yet to beat New England in the Andrew Luck era, things will be hyped this year since both teams have met the past two times in the NFL Playoffs.

Along with that, there's also the infamous DeflateGate scandal, which the Colts essentially started. If Tom Brady's four-game suspension holds by the NFL, he will face the Colts for his first game of the season.

The hype is building up, but Luck isn't too worried about it. Luck spoke to BritViewNFL.com about the Pats, acknowledging them as the kings of the AFC and the NFL. Luck discusses wanting to "dethrone" them, but he won't be obsessing over them that he's going to circle them on his schedule like the media and fans do.

“The Patriots are obviously the defending Super Bowl champs and our defending conference champs so there’s a high amount of respect for that team and what they do. They’re the kings of the league right now and everybody would like to dethrone them — we’d like to dethrone them but you have to look at the season as 16 games. There are fans and media who will hype up certain games and circle them in red on the calendar but, as a player, you lose sight of what’s important if you get into that mode.”

Can't wait for Week 6 of the 2015 NFL season.

By Josh Dhani


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