The story keeps getting crazier regarding recently dismissed Florida State Seminoles quarterback De'Andre Johnson, who punched a woman at a bar.

According to TMZ Sports, Johnson was acting in self-defense against the woman. The woman apparently started the whole commotion.

Not only did she kick him in the groin, hit him first and what not, but she also called him a racial slur.

"Get off me you fucking nigger," she reportedly said, via TMZ.

Johnson says there are witnesses in the bar who claim she had said the following, too. Johnson, however, does say he is "extremely embarrassed" still about the incident, but still says that the woman was the initial aggressor.

While I do believe what the woman did is wrong, two wrongs definitely don't make a right. He definitely shouldn't have hit the woman, so he does deserve some sort of punishment for what he did.

However, Johnson should not be the only one punished for this ordeal. I'm surprised the woman got away with all that she did so far. She should be punished as well.

By Josh Dhani


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