This could be the beginning of an ugly, lawsuit-filled proceeding with people having to out sources or face possible jail time.

TMZ is reporting that the Jackson Health System is launching an “aggressive” investigation into the medical records leak of New York Giants star pass rusher Jason Pierre-Paul.

The records were posted and revealed by ESPN’s Adam Schefter on Wednesday, where it reads that Pierre-Paul had his finger amputated.

The president and CEO of Jackson Health System, Carlos A. Migoya, released a statement saying that he will get to the bottom of the document leaks, and if it was a hospital employee.

“Late Wednesday, media reports surfaced purportedly showing a Jackson Memorial Hospital patient’s protected health information, suggesting it was leaked by an employee. An aggressive internal investigation looking into these allegations is underway.

“If these allegations prove to be true, I know the entire Jackson family will share my anguish.

“If we confirm Jackson employees or physicians violated a patient’s legal right to privacy, they will be held accountable, up to and including possible termination. We do not tolerate violations of this kind.”

ESPN is covered, because HIPAA laws don’t apply to news organizations.

By Glenn Erby


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