NBA legendary center Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was recently involved in a car crash, according to TMZ Sports.

Kareem's Mercedes-Benz vehicle crashed at the UCLA campus, and he was seen rocking a dope Los Angeles Lakers jersey of himself there.

More details:

Kareem was arriving to UCLA Medical Center, where he underwent quadruple bypass surgery earlier this year, when he got into a collision with another vehicle. 

Sources connected to the Hall of Famer tell us he's doing OK -- no major injuries -- and it appeared the other person in the wreck was also fine. 

People recognized Kareem at the scene ... not just because he's huge, but also because he was wearing his old Lakers jersey at the time of the crash. 

Kareem's rep adds that it wasn't his fault in the crash.

"Kareem is fine and was not injured, but his car was severely damaged. The accident was caused by the other person -- not Kareem."

Full photo below:

By Josh Dhani


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