There seems to be some discord coming out of Cleveland, and it could lead to more upheaval in the organization.

Team general manager Ray Farmer and head coach Mike Pettine are reportedly embroiled in a power struggle surrounding the departure of the Browns former director of player engagement Dr. Jamil Northcutt.

Per ESPN.com:

Northcutt was a nonentity to fans. A former college linebacker at the University of Mississippi, he didn’t make (or miss) a tackle, or directly influence what happened on game days.

But in the politics of Browns football, Northcutt was an inordinately major “player” in the 2014 season – a confidante of GM Ray Farmer and, it turned out, a thorn in the side of Mike Pettine’s coaching staff.

And Northcutt’s ouster – which the club is characterizing as a mutual parting – reflects a seeping rift between Pettine and the GM who is facing a four-game suspension for breaking NFL rules by texting, and badgering, coaches in the press box booth during games.

According to the report, Northcutt may have been the person Farmer was texting from his suit, thus relaying to the coaches on the sidelines. The report also cited “stories” of Northcutt having sideline confrontations with both offensive and defensive coaches on separate occasions.

Pettine likely enjoyed seeing him go.

By Glenn Erby


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