The Dallas Cowboys have yet to sign Dez Bryant to a long-term extension, and it’s probably because they believe they’re in control.

Bryant has openly talked about missing games in a holdout, yet he can’t stay away from the team.   Cowboys brass don’t believe the All-Pro receiver, and are openly calling his bluff.

“The Cowboys are not budging off of their long-term offer with approximately $20 million guaranteed and subsequent guarantees later on,” Bleacher Report's Jason Cole said. “One of the reasons why is the Cowboys believe that Bryant is bluffing when he talks about missing a game or two during the regular season. The second part is the Cowboys believe Bryant ultimately needs the money and has money problems.”

Those contract talks that the two sides had last week reportedly went nowhere. Whether he truly loves the game or really needs the money, Dez Bryant’s going to play in the opener against the Giants.

Bryant can talk about long-term security all he wants, but $13 million is nothing to turn your nose up at. If he’s confident about staying out of trouble, then he may want to consider the $20 million guaranteed, with more on the back-end.

By Glenn Erby


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