Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has been in the news a lot lately when talking about his beliefs.

Wilson was recently heard saying that he and his girlfriend Ciara do not have sex, as Wilson believes in abstinence and following God's plan.

Wilson was also asked about how he felt after throwing his infamous one-yard line interception at the end of this year's Super Bowl, which resulted in a loss to the New England Patriots.

Wilson says God spoke to him on that play.

“The play happens, and they pick the ball off. And I take three steps,” he said, via BSO. “And on the third step God says to me, ‘I’m using you. . . . I want to see how you respond. But most importantly I want them to see how you respond.”

If it weren't for that interception, Wilson would be a two-time champion and probably would have his huge contract extension by now.

In addition, Tom Brady would drop to 3-3 in Super Bowls, losing his last three. Malcolm Butler would be somewhere flipping burgers. The Pats would be getting ripped apart for DeflateGate, too.

A lot could have changed.

By Josh Dhani


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