This is an interesting story that I didn't hear of until now, thanks to BSO.

Aldon Smith's ex-girlfriend is Hot 97 radio host DJ Nessa. Right now, she is currently dating Smith's (now former since he just got cut) San Francisco 49ers teammate, quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Via TMZ, this led to a fight between Smith and Kaepernick. It's unknown if this what caused Smith to hit the bottle again, but I wouldn't be surprised.

Aldon Smith got into a scrap with 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick that may have been the trigger for Smith going off the rails and ending up in jail.

Multiple Niner locker room sources tell TMZ Sports … Aldon and Colin had an altercation on the field during Thursday, and “players had to pull them apart.” It’s interesting because there’s been a lot of Internet buzz Smith’s ex-gf is now with Kaep.

Smith and Hot 97 host Nessa broke up in recent months, and even though she and Kaep have not been photographed together … rumors they’re together have persisted.

Nessa has also cheated on Smith with Washington Wizards star point guard John Wall:

A rumor also came out that the car Smith hit in his DUI/hit-and-run arrest was Kaepernick's, but that isn't the case.

Crazy stuff, but I hope Smith can fix himself together after having his fifth run-in with the law.

By Josh Dhani


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