The two never developed the relationship that fans had hoped for, but Mike Martz believes good things are coming for Jay Cutler.

Speaking with Brad Biggs of The Chicago Tribune, Martz, who was Cutler’s offensive coordinator in 2010 and 2011, believes 2015 could be a great year for Cutler.

“In Jay’s defense, whether you like Jay or you don’t like Jay, there just weren’t any players here,” Martz said. “He is in a position now where he has an offensive coordinator who can help him and he has better players. This could be a great year for him.

“The other thing is you go back and look at that offensive line, the center (Olin Kreutz 2010, Roberto Garza 2011) was a really good player,” Martz said. “We had a good player there but the rest of them now, the year after I left, what happened to them? Where are they now? They’re all out of the league.”

Martz believes Cutler now has the skill players and offensive coaches around him to succeed.

By Glenn Erby


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