Former Washington Huskies and Green Bay Packers linebacker Victor Aiyewa will be releasing a tell-all story of former UW and current USC Trojans head coach Steve Sarkisian.

Here's the snippet, written by Aiyewa:

The type of information I want to share today you’ll probably never hear in a news conference, in all reality if we do say anything as players at a press conference, it will always be cliché and far from the heartfelt truth.

Living in the fast paced lifestyle of sporting events, we are never given the opportunity to really reflect on our experiences and truly access our development and relationships until we’ve moved on to another phase in our lives. We are not able to fully exercise our experiences and lessons during this period, because we are living and learning.

When speaking in the capacity, as I will today, you would know how to reflect on these feelings only after you’ve seen growth in yourself after you moved on from an experience. Then you look back and see which people in your life aided in this growth and which people held you back from your growth.

I come to give my honest assessment of coach Steve Sarkisian and the impact he had on my career. This is only my opinion and I’m honestly calling it how I see it. This article is filtered through one person’s point of view.

My own.

The full story will reportedly release this Friday at his website, the V.M.A. Experience. Stay tuned.

 By Josh Dhani


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