Washington Redskins running back Alfred Morris spends his pregame chilling with his crew, but it’s not the type of entourage you’d be used to.

Morris spends time before each home game with Redskins staff who work in guests services or security at FedEx Field. It’s a tradition he started during preseason of his rookie year, when an usher asked him to stop by and chat.

“He was just a normal person, treating me like a normal person,” Morris recalled. “So I kept doing it.”

Morris reportedly learned all the staffers’s names, kept in touch with them during the offseason and started going out for lunches as well.

Morris explained to Washington Post's Dan Steinberg being pals with his co-workers.

“I mean, I’m a person just like anybody else. You’re a person; I’m a person; but just because I play a game, they elevate me,” Morris said. “I’m a normal, everyday person; I just happen to play football in the NFL. … I ain’t no better than the next person.That’s just the way I look at life, man. In God’s eyes, we’re all equal, so why should I act like I’m better than anybody else when I’m not?”

It’s another in a long line of wonderful stories about Morris who’s known for driving an old Mazda or riding his bike to work as well.

By Glenn Erby


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