This is not something you would expect from a veteran NFL player, but 37-year-old Steve Smith is something else.

According to ESPN, the Baltimore Ravens wide receiver reportedly threw a huge tantrum that led to him quitting practice.
The outburst came in the first hour of practice, after Joe Flacco overthrew Smith on consecutive deep passes along the sideline. Smith ripped off his helmet and threw it about 15 yards toward the end zone. He then booted a football that was on the ground.

Smith walked to the corner of the indoor facility and sat by himself. Flacco and the rest of the offense never stopped, continuing the passing drills without Smith.

“The reason I did it is because I wanted to,” Smith told ESPN.

Sitting in front of his locker, Smith looked at reports about his eruption at practice on his phone.

“According to you guys, you already know,” he said. “Why am I going to comment if you already know? … I don’t have to explain anything to you. I can choose to do what I want to.”
Looks like a lot of Ravens players might be looking forward to his retirement.

 -- Josh Dhani


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