I’m sure many in the NBA community assumed Mo Williams was just floundering around somewhere on the Cleveland Cavaliers bench.

The veteran point guard, who has played zero games this season after deciding to retire, has been on four different teams, despite not playing one minute of game action.

It appears Williams has been a throw in on several deals because of his guaranteed salary, and here’s the breakdown:

Until Jan. 7: Cleveland
Jan. 7: Traded from Cleveland to Atlanta
Jan. 18: Traded from Atlanta to Denver
Jan. 18: Waived by Denver
Jan. 20: Claimed off waivers by Philadelphia
Jan. 21: Waived by Philadelphia
Jan. 23: Claimed off waivers by Denver

If you’re asking how this happened, Williams has been a kick in on several deals, because of a salary floor, which prevent teams from cutting player costs and fielding non-competitive teams while pocketing revenue sharing money.

Also, because of the new CBA, it’s probably the last time this will ever happen.

-- ThaCover2


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