Hoping to empower the community in Northern Minneapolis, Colin Kaepernick has donated $25,000 to support urban farming.
For his pledge this month, Colin donated $25,000 of the money made in December to Appetite For Change a community-led organization that strengthens families, creates economic prosperity, and encourages healthy living by using food as a tool to build health, wealth, and social change in North Minneapolis.

Black communities across the United States, including the North Side of Minneapolis, are suffering from what some experts call “Food Deserts.” These are neighborhoods where even if people wanted to eat healthy, they can’t because there are no grocery stores or restaurants close to them that have healthy options. This leads to terrible health problems and makes people in these communities, many who have poor access to health care, feel like they are poisoning themselves.
According to his website, the donations will be broken down into specific parts:
$5,000 – Switch to 100% organic ingredients in our community cooking workshops (approximately six workshops per month), improving the nutritional value of meals shared by North Minneapolis residents

$5,000 -Furnish the addition of one new urban farm plot in the 2017 growing season, increasing the amount of produce grown by approximately 1,000 pounds. This additional produce would be sold at the West Broadway Farmers Market and used in the kitchen at Breaking Bread Café, a social enterprise of Appetite For Change.

$5,000 -Develop improved nutrition curriculum for the 50 North Minneapolis teens and young adults participating in our Youth Opportunity & Training Program, developing youth into peer advocates for making healthy food choices

$5,000 – Increase our organizational capacity, from staff training to identifying and hiring new positions

$5,000 – Raise national awareness of our organization and the issues of food and racial equity we work to address
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