DeMar DeRozan is tough, but can the Compton-born shooting guard and Toronto Raptors star really carry on Kobe Bryant’s legacy by wearing his shoes?

DeRozan was inspired by and became Bryant’s biggest fan while watching Game 5 of the 1997 NBA Western Conference Semi-Finals when a young Kobe infamously airballed three or four straight shots in the game’s deciding moments.

That moment never fazed Kobe, and left an eight-year old DeRozan determined to escape the Compton streets.

DeRozan worked with Nike on the “Compton” Kobe A.D. with the memory of that Game 5 in mind, and he credited the future Hall of Famer with influencing him.

The Nike Kobe A.D. "Compton" has a release date of April 12, 2017 for $160.

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