Your team doesn't have to be good for it to be valuable, and this latest list from Forbes of the league's richest franchises proves that.

The New York Knicks and Los Angeles Lakers came out on top as the two most valuable franchises in the NBA. The Golden State Warriors have moved up to third place now. Other notable teams featured were the Chicago Bulls and Miami Heat.

Take a look at the top 10 below:

1. New York Knicks ($3.6 billion)

2. Los Angeles Lakers ($3 billion)

3. Golden State Warriors ($2.6 billion)

4. Chicago Bulls ($2.5 billion)

5. Boston Celtics ($2.2 billion)

6. Los Angeles Clippers ($2.0 billion)

7. Brooklyn Nets ($1.8 billion)

8. Houston Rockets ($1.65 billion)

9. Dallas Mavericks ($1.45 billion)

10. Miami Heat ($1.35 billion)


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