To celebrate this year’s Army-Navy game, Nike will be honoring the spirit, service, and heritage of the 10th Mountain Division with a full head-to-toe look.

The uniforms will amplify key elements of the 10th Mountain Division through color, fonts and logos on Nike’s most innovative performance football uniforms to-date. Nike co-founder, Bill Bowerman has connections to the 10th Mountain Division.

Full details below via press release:
The 10th Mountain Division was formed in 1943, and was originally called the 10th Light Alpine Division. These soldiers trained at 9,200 feet to learn to fight, and survive, in the most brutal mountain conditions.

Bill Bowerman, who would eventually go on to co-found Nike, organized the supplies and maintained the mules for the 10th Mountain Division as a Major in the Army, serving at the time as the commander of the 86th Regiment’s First Battalion.

This year’s Army uniforms for their game against Navy pay homage through their design to the uniforms, service, and heritage of the 10th Mountain Division from head to toe.

Uniform Embellishments

Pando Commandos – The 10th Mountain Division was formed in Pando, Colorado and were nicknamed the Pando Commandos. Soldiers could be identified by the panda patch on their uniforms. Nike has incorporated the design on the tongue of Army’s game day cleats.

“Follow Me” Stripe – 10th Mountain Division soldiers operated in blustery winter conditions. To stay in formation a dark stripe was placed on the back of their uniforms known as the “Follow Me” stripe. A similar stripe will adorn Army helmets when they take the field on Dec. 9.

Vires Montesque Vincimus – The division’s coat of arms featuring the motto Vires Montesque Vincimus “We Conquer Powers and Mountains” is placed on the uniform’s right shoulder honoring those who served, including Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman.

Product Performance Details

Reduced Weight: Constructed from hydrophobic yarns that minimizes weight both when the uniform is dry as well as wet.

Increased Durability: Fewer cut-and-sew seams and a sturdier stretch woven fabric used in areas of high impact and abrasion lead to an overall stronger uniform.

Greater Range of Motion: A lightweight four-way stretch-woven fabric is used in areas of low impact that require greater mobility.

Better Ventilation: Micro perforations have been laser cut into the uniform to manage heat.
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