By now, you probably have heard about men's health and wellness companies such as Hims and Roman.

The Ringer recently did a piece on these companies, which offer products such as Rogaine, Propecia, Viagra, and Cialis for men.

Here's one of the main takeaways I read:
Studies show that most men of a certain age experience some form of hair loss or erectile dysfunction. These health issues are common, and so are products to treat or prevent them, like Rogaine, Propecia, Viagra, and Cialis. Hims’s erectile dysfunction pills and balding shampoos are simply generic forms of these drugs; the selling point of the company, and of startups like it, lies mostly in their presentation. Roman, a month-old erectile dysfunction startup that acts as a conduit between patients and doctors, ships the brand-name and generic forms of Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra, wrapped in well-designed blue-and-red pouches. Hims caters to a larger range of concerns in stylish cardboard. The innovation of these companies — and what will likely be a growing list of competitors, as the patents for drugs like Cialis reach their expiration date and telemedicine laws ease — is by no means in the substances they’re pushing. Rather, it’s in eliminating awkward in-person conversations about a man’s failing glands, and dressing up the medicine he’s buying to treat it as something he’d be proud to show off. “These topics are really difficult for guys to discuss,” Hims founder Andrew Dudum told me. “And as a result they either don’t get it fixed, and it’s all incredibly treatable, or they go online and try to self-diagnose based on what they see online.”

On one level, Hims and its competitors does for a new generation of aging men what Casper did for all those millennials who never bothered to learned how to shop for mattresses: It streamlines an exhausting, mundane adult responsibility and tries to make it fun. In place of a doctor’s visit (or more likely, a late-night Incognito tab search) sits a sleek website with reassuringly hip photographs, the promise of free shipping, and an “unboxing” experience. Hims offers a quick online prescription approval process from in-house doctors for erectile dysfunction and hair loss drugs — with the option to purchase fruity gummy bears that help the growth of hair and nails, to boot. It also promises that its products and all the medical-related articles on its lifestyle “journal,” Savoir Faire, are reviewed by a team of consulting physicians.
The main product for these companies are their erectile dysfunction (ED) products. However, I believe you can get the exact same and even better from these two companies for a much cheaper price.

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