This is absolutely terrifying, and to think the case was cracked thanks to a McDonald’s sandwich bag.

Howell Donaldson III was arrested Tuesday in a Tampa McDonald’s on four counts of first-degree murder for allegedly shooting four people in October and November, according to Howard Altman of the Tampa Bay Times.

Howell only appeared on the authorities radar after an employee reported that Donaldson had brought a gun to the establishment, which sits about two miles south of where the killings had taken place.

Donaldson was arrested the next day.
The first to die was Benjamin Mitchell, 22, on Oct. 9. About two days later, Monica Hoffa, 32, was shot and killed. On Oct. 19, Anthony Naiboa, 20, was gunned down. The last victim, Ronald Felton, 60, was slain on Nov. 14.

Earlier that day, Dugan cautioned that this new avenue of the investigation was just starting, that police had been let down by tips before.

Later, he admitted sensing that this time would be different.

“It just felt right,” Dugan said at the Tuesday night news conference. “I kind of had a feeling that we were going to get a break.”

Rogers said Donaldson asked the manager to hold onto his semiautomatic pistol for him. She said it was loaded. Then Donaldson walked to Amscot to get a payday loan. Police said he was a crew leader at the restaurant, but Rogers did not know if he was working that day.

The manager didn’t know what to do with the gun. Rogers said she huddled with the manager and told him to alert an officer inside the restaurant.
Donaldson was a walk-on for St. John’s during the 2011-12 season, appearing in zero games.


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