Following the Golden State Warriors' Game 3 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2018 NBA Finals, star forward Kevin Durant used an analogy to Kanye West's albums about how this year's team is different from last year's title team.
“It’s just a different vibe because we’ve been through a season already as champions. We went through a whole season, so we know exactly what we need to do to in order for us to win. We want to do that, focus on that as much as possible. The emotions and all that stuff doesn’t really matter. We’re just trying to play a solid, focused game. We’ll figure out how to feel afterwards. It’s just different.

“It’s like, I told someone earlier, I think Kanye West’s first album is his best one because I didn’t hear an album from him before, so the first one is always different, but he had some great music after that, as well, so I feel like we’re in that transition from having a great first year but figuring out different ways to be good in the second year, if that makes sense.”

After sweeping the Cavs in Game 4 and securing his second straight ring and Finals MVP, Durant was asked what Kanye album describes this championship.


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