How much time in the fall and winter do you spend in front of the TV watching football? A game can last as long as four hours and if you watch just one a week. In four months, that’s 64 hours!

That being said, football can make millions of people couch potatoes. The most activity that most of us get when a game is on consists of screaming at the TV and getting up to hit the fridge during commercials.

We snack on chicken fingers or nachos. We eat cheeseburgers and chili. The hummus and carrots thing just isn’t done when it's game time.

In the name of staying fit while watching sports, here are a few ways to get some exercise while you’re enjoying the game.

Gym Equipment

Maybe you have a gym membership at a place where they’ll have the game on while you work out. If that’s the case, you’re set! Not all of us can do that though.

Some of us must stay home for one reason or another, and others of us enjoy hosting watch parties when their favorite teams (like Alabama or Ohio State) are playing. For those of us who need to be at home for one reason or another, why not invest in some gym equipment?

You can get a mini elliptical for about $100. They don’t weigh too much or take up too much space. This means that you can put them in any of the rooms in your home. Just don’t put it right in front of the TV during a watch party.

Jump Up and Down, Scream, Cheer

Did you know that fidgeting can burn as much as 350 calories in a day? If you keep your body in motion, it can burn even more calories.

That means that if you’re watching Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi kick a soccer ball around and you’re up jumping around and screaming for them, you’re burning more calories than if you were just sitting quietly and watching. Remember that those trips to the bathroom and fridge count too.

Get Outside

If the weather is nice, during halftime why don’t you go outside and toss the old pigskin around? The degree of difficulty for doing this will increase during snowstorms and at night.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. The fresh air can really clear your head. Also, everyone admires someone with a great football throwing arm.

Be Creative with Your Surroundings and Work Your Abs and Arms

One great exercise can be practiced right in front of the nearest step, chair, or even on the fireplace. This is called the "dip." Just place your arms a bit behind you on the raised surface and your feet right in front of you. Then, just lower yourself down while supporting yourself on your arms.

Crunch Time

You don’t need to wait until the game is down to the wire for this one. Crunches are better when it comes to building strong, tight abs than sit-ups are. It’s also a good way to blow off a bit of steam when your team gets hit by a bad call.


Walking across the room and back when you’re watching the game is quite a bit healthier than simply sitting in your recliner. Some people might race-walk into other rooms and back if the game has them nervous. However, keep in mind that if you leave the room, you could miss that amazing play!

There you have it, six ways to get a bit of exercise while you’re watching the big game.


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