We’ve all been there—cramped in the living room and all crowded around the TV with our friends. Empty beer cans, guacamole, and chips littering the coffee table.

It’s the end of the fourth for the Alabama Crimson Tide. You might be silent, but since it IS the Tide, you’re more than likely all on your feet shouting and screaming. Just a few yards to go, then TOUCHDOWN!!! The room absolutely erupts with cheers.

It doesn’t matter if it’s Sunday, Monday night, a college game, or the Super Bowl, people tend to gather around their TVs when their team is playing.

Here’s a quick look at a few things you’ll need the next time you host an outdoor watch party on your back porch.


When it comes to sports watch parties, food is critical. The thing is, where do you store it, and all the plates, utensils, etc.?

Things like cabinets with easy-open outdoor cabinet doors are perfect for this. They’ll keep you from running inside anytime anyone needs something and that means you won’t have to miss a second of the action.

Make sure to include a lot of finger foods with a kick. Hot wings or salsa dip with the chips are always a good idea. They’ll wake up even the most sluggish of fans, which is ideal for yelling and drinking.

You can’t forget the barbecue either. This might be the one thing that’s prepared by the host while the other guests each bring something to add to the food list. They might bring beer, chips, hot dogs and buns, etc.


Whether or not you and your friends will be betting on the game, you’ll need something to watch it on. A good screen for watching the game doesn’t need to be a 4-foot flat screen, but it does need to be situated where everyone can see it and at a volume that can be heard over the screaming.

When it comes to the final quarter and the game is at its most intense, you need to be able to really see the TV.

A great way to ensure that everyone can see outside is to hang it right on the back wall of the house in the middle of the porch where it’ll be protected from the weather. Remember that people get intense when they’re watching their favorite team.

Lucky Apparel

There are times when having that special item of clothing to wear at a watch party will help to keep the excitement going. For example, when Ohio State plays, you might want your fave Buckeyes hoodie to wear.

People get quite interactive during games. When their team happens to be in the lead, they can be loud and boisterous. If they’re behind, they can be as still and quiet as a mouse.

However, winning or losing, most people will wear jerseys, hats, and other clothing items supporting their favorite team.

Yelling Voice

There isn’t a successful watch party if there aren’t any fans yelling at the TV and the referees making bad calls. In fact, the collective yelling is one of the best things about watching as a group.

It makes it more exciting and exhilarating. If you’re watching on your own, there isn’t anyone to celebrate or commiserate with.

Finally, it wouldn’t be a proper watch party if the attendees weren’t dedicated fans. The actual camaraderie can be more exciting than watching the game by yourself.

And really, that’s the end game of a watch party—to keep up the team spirit, even when you can’t make it to the actual games.


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