Arranging a pigskin viewing rager for Sunday, Monday, Thursday, or Saturday night isn’t quite as easy as you might think. In fact, it doesn’t really seem to be that easy to start with. In reality, it can be quite difficult.

Don’t worry though. Help has arrived. Follow these tips and tricks and the next football party you host will be one for the record books.

Be Careful with Your Invitations

Unless you live in SoCal and you’re going to be calling for help for event planning in San Diego, you’re going to have to go it alone. This means that you must know to be careful who is invited.

You’ll need to know who’s going to take it personally when their team is down by seven after the first five minutes. An event planner would tell you not to invite those people.

Nothing can kill a party like those guys who turn into sullen, lashing out jerks simply because their fantasy quarterback was sacked. Alternatively, that guy who’s always wearing a cardigan and doesn’t know which end of the football field is which probably doesn’t need to be invited either.

A nice mix of people such as casual fans, or even hardcore Green Bay Packers enthusiasts who have a bit of self-awareness, and maybe even a few people who don’t really have a dog in that particular fight but won’t spend four hours proclaiming it loudly is what will really make for a good party.

You should all be comfortable together so that everyone will enjoy themselves.

Stock Up on the Beer

People tend to go through about a beer every half hour during parties. A football game can last anywhere from 3-4 hours before overtime. This means that about eight beers per person for each game would be a good rule of thumb when you’re out shopping for party supplies.

You should also get a cooler, even though it’s fall and you’ll more than likely be indoors. Multiple people opening your fridge every half hour means that the beer isn’t getting or even staying frosty, and that’s just not cool dude.

Disposable Grill

When it comes to sports parties, grilled food is a must. However, not everyone actually has a grill. Thankfully, you can purchase disposable grills that burn charcoal to use on the lawn, patio, deck, or other outdoors amenity.

If you don’t have either a grill or a backyard, get an indoor grill (like a George Foreman). If you aren’t up for that, you might just get a grill pan to use on your stove. All those cooked meats will still have nice lines that are associated with delicious grilled foods.


Half time, commercial breaks, lighting failures, etc.—plan for the game to have interruptions and for your guests to not be stellar conversationalists.

You should set up a playlist or two and have them on through your sound system, the same one that Troy Aikman and Joe Buck are sonorously droning through. When the game has a break, simply switch inputs and the tunes will be on.

Don’t Forget the Bathroom

Have a LOT of toilet paper. Ensure that the hand soap dispenser is full.

There’ll be quite a bit of traffic in that room for the next few hours and hopefully, people will leave it just as clean as they found it. A few cans of strategically placed air freshener or a lit scented candle might also be helpful.

There you have it. With the tips and tricks you’ve just read, you’ll be ready to go the next time you must plan a football, or any other sport, watch party.


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